NoFap/celibacy visualizing exercises for reprogramming distractions.

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    In my view the urges can be in general categorized into the following 3 types:

    1. Alone 1: Physical

    2. Alone 2: Mental

    Mental a: fantasizing

    Mental b: urge to watch stuff

    3. Not alone: When you see a woman or man in real life

    The third case you may not want to apply if you want to remain celibate.

    But in any case, the exercise I am going to address applies to either cases.

    The same energy can be used for any thought process in the brain. The same way you can have a sexual thought you can be thinking about something you want to think about for more important purpose.

    Because this can be difficult obviously there are exercises to get more used to direct the energy to those other thoughts.

    The reason why this works is that you switch the focus right at the same moment those thoughts/feelings occur, and visualizing is a powerful way to learn new things. So, your brain starts associating those things with the new thoughts.

    The exercise goes as follows; when you have any of those 3 distractions, immediately imagine that those thoughts or feelings go out of your body/brain and are now in front of you, in a shape easy to visualize (like a cube or sphere) and then immediately visualize it goes back to your head and then merging together with a specific skill or goal you want to improve. The latter is difficult to explain in words, but just visualize a general concept of that skill or goal which is then strengthened by the incoming unit of energy. This whole process together eventually should be happening at once in a short time.

    You can also thing about no specific skill/goal at all, and instead a general strengthening. That is especially applicable when you are doing it faster after time.

    It is obvious that you cannot remain doing this long process forever each time a distraction occurs. At the beginning you should go through all the steps visualizing them, but after more and more practice it becomes more and more a standard and automatic way of processing the distractions. But when after time it seems to get difficult again, go back to the steps.
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  2. Much appreciated. I've noticed that too much caffeine is a trigger for me.

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