NoFap changes to flaccid / hard quality ?

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    Obvious that NoFap will improve this as apposed to unstimulated dead dick ,

    But one thing I've noticed over the years of chronic porn use, is that flaccid seems thinner from the base to the tip, obviously flaccid size fluctuates due to multiple factors that I'm sure we're all aware of, in favourable conditions , I'm sitting fat and reasonably lengthy for flaccid , but many years of fapping and probably damaging the little bugger it doesn't hang as low or as thick and heavy , and it's pretty weird
    It's as though it's been so over used the inner shaft has constricted and ultimately pulls it up and in, were not talking insane difference , but I'm definitely lost a few inches in girth and about 3/4 inch in length, hard I've lost about 2 inches , and about 1.5 inches in girth.yep fucked up

    I had literally forgetton what size my actual full hard on was, I bought a pump for a laugh, at this point I wasnt aware my porn use was likely the problem, max length was minus a portion of the base which pretty much just stays soft (these things seem rather pointless) max was sitting just shy of 7" , just want tool note the girth you can get on these things is insane , which reminds me I haven't had a hard on line it In far too long , my point is the tissue is there, and the capacity to hold blood is there , what is it , all down to porn use and how understimulated my brain has become

    Is this something that is likely to improve with long-term NoFap.
    Sorry about the detail no real way to say this shit
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