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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by derivative, Oct 24, 2018.

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    I decided to quit fapping to increase my success in college. Finally hit day 90, so I wanted to share some wisdom that I have picked up on:

    1. Life is easier when you are not constantly thinking about sex, rating/judging every female you see based on looks, thinking about porn, etc. Don't be a slave to your sexual cravings and you will feel more control.

    2. It is impossible to convince some people to quit their addictions, whether it be porn, smoking, drinking. I am always looking out for others, so it kills me to say this, but ... sometimes, if somebody is on the train track that leads to the broken bridge, ya just gotta let them go. Their train will crash and they will finally realize what they have been doing wrong. No matter what you do and say, some people won't listen and heed your warnings and concern for them and it takes an awful event (physically/memtally painful or embarrassing, etc) for them to realize that it's time to get their shit together.

    3. Be empathetic, but don't let that take control of you.

    4. Never assume people's intent.

    5. Nobody is completely evil. Nobody is completely good. Everybody is two-faced.

    6. Staying neat and organized is far easier than being a slob onced you get into a routine.

    7. Once you tell somebody a secret, it is never going to be a secret again. People spill the beans!

    Well, fellow fapstronauts, where has this gotten me?

    I have 2 C's and the rest are all A+' pretty good
    I no longer fear public speaking
    Flirting comes naturally
    General anxiety decrease
    Depression GONE
    I have so much more energy
    I kinda feel bad for my sheets and pajamas because of wet dreams, but whatever

    So yeah. If you think the 5 seconds of orgasmic pleasure of relapsing is worth losing a streak, you're mistaken. Trudge on, through the mud, through the hail of bullets, through the bullies, through others' hypocrisy, through your anxiety, etc.

    The bottome line is this:
    You have brains in your head
    You have feet in your shoes
    You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.
    God bless (or simply good luck if you don't believe in a higher power)
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    You seem to believe in yourself, and a very encouraging post indeed.
    Well done and thank you!
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    Good post with Good advice.
    Continued Success -- like Steve Arterburn said something like,
    "Winning the war on sexual integrity, one victory at a time."

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