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    Howdy, Fapstronauts. Today I would like to talk about an issue of the nofap community. The counter.

    There are many prejudges of people because of the counter number. I don't think that is fair, to think something about someone you don't even know, therefore I think the counter/badge doesn't accurately accomplish it's purpose. People with low counter numbers will feel low self-esteem, & people with high counter number will feel egocentric. I don't say this is so for all, but at least so I have the feeling.

    However, my reccommandation would be: Go to signature, click on your counter badge, save the link in a .txt or some other kind of document and keep it for yourself. And in the signature, you could put a counter badge with any day you want:

    Just go to signature>image> .You can also change the 90 from the link with any number you want. But why do this? In order to help people visualize their success. Many successful people in this world practiced visualization of their goal. Simply look at the 90 day counter everyday & imagine yourself being free. You have beaten pornography. IMAGINE THE FEELING.

    Do this every day & you will reinforce the freedom belief system. You see, you are not actually addicted to pornography. But you believe you are. And the belief becomes your reality. It's all about the mindset.

    Now even the newbies can visualize and feel the freedom that the 90 day counter "gives you". You see, it's not about the days. It's about if you believe you are free or not. You can change the belief that you are enslaved by porn by repetition (affirmations) & visualization.

    My affirmation was: I am free(thinking in my head the thing I am free of). You could also say I am free of porn, but I let it be simpler so the subconcious mind can absorb that better. Not your concious mind controls your actions, but your subconcious. That's why many fail, they believe they are free only on the concious level, or they don't believe at all that they are free.

    So, get your 90 days badge here and look at it everyday & visualize your victory, make your affirmations & pray to God if you are in any religion.

    Hope it was helpful. Peace.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    PS: Mods don't ban this post for "racism against people with high counter number please". The other posts were also geniuenly friendly and a little example was understood as the "norm" or "prejudge" from my side, from the Mods. I really think this post can help out some people, so don't get it down. Thanks.
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  2. Having the counter is optional.

    It works for some people and not for others and it's as simple as that.

    For some people, like myself, it give me a boost to see my counter moving up day by day, makes me feel like I am accomplishing something on my NoFap journey.

    Similarly It helps me not relapse because the thought of having to reset my counter after a relapse is genuinely awful so it add's another incentive.

    Also... I don't believe anyone on these forums judges other Fapstronauts based on counter number- firstly if your counter is 1 day or 100 days- we are all still in the same boat - we are people addicted to porn and experiencing issues because of it- If I reach 100 days I would NEVER look down on someone on day 1- I would applaud them for trying to change their habit, for being strong and trying their best.

    As for changing your counter to 90 days and looking at that everyday... personally that would not work for me- I'd feel I was lying to myself.
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  3. Plutonium

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    "Nofap Counter is bad for some and good for others."

    There, fixed it for you.
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  4. Buzz Lightyear

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    There is an element of truth to this. To take the counter too seriously would be the sin of seriousness.

    It should be counter-balanced by a 'frequency' counter perhaps.
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  5. samnf1990

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    Rather than earn your counter, fake it....

    Sounds a lot like, "rather than work hard at a genuine romantic relationship, justwatch porn, it is easier".

    If you want more respect through a high counter number then work hard at your recovery.
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  6. Buzz Lightyear

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    There are the realists who will focus more on their will power to overcome their reality, and then there are the idealists who will focus on the Idea and ignore reality.

    I say neither a realist nor idealist be, but be both. The reality is you have to recognize you have an addiction. But the reality is that you also need to believe you can overcome this addiction. And so you have a foot in both worlds - the real and ideal one.

    This said, recovery is the process of moving your balance [of power] from the real world [your passions as they currently exist] over to the ideal world [where your passions are under control]. There is a very real process here... though its motive force is 'teleological' - it gravitates to the rational idea.
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  7. tweeby

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    The counter is great but the functionality is pretty backward if you ask me.

    Let's say I made a mistake and I want to set my counter because I know I've done 40days so far.

    Instead of allowing you to enter a number of days you have a date select option. I want to enter number of Days!!!

    Apologies if this already exists, but I couldn't figure it out.
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  8. TheLoneDanger

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    If I’m understanding your issue correctly, couldn’t you just count back 40 days from today and enter that date?
  9. TheLoneDanger

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    I’ve often said that the spreadsheet is a more accurate depiction of a reboot. However, a counter has its advantages. For example, it reminds one of his or her progress in a way that they might not have thought possible. A high number count can show that it is indeed possible. Also, looking at one’s own high count number can sometimes be the difference between relapse and coming to their own senses (“do I really want to go back to day one?”). These are just a couple of the things people like about the counter.

    Now is it the end-all-be-all to recovery? Of course not. But no one single thing is, it’s the hard work you put into your recovery that matters most. And of course everything can have its disadvantages as well. But the important thing is that people use what works for them and discard that which doesn’t.
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  10. Minsc

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    I feel keeping the counter private is the same as keeping our issues with porn private. We all have our own views so prejudice is a part of life. There are people out there who think we are fools for giving up porn. I'd rather learn to be open with my view rather than hide every time it's challenged. Really, they go through the same thing despite having different viewpoints. We can hide in our own holes, or not.
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  11. You don't have to use the counter, and besides I'm not going to change or turn off the counter for someone else. I earned my days fair and square, the way I look at it is if I was to change my days at all I would feel cheated.

    The counter can help people keep going, it's like an achievement of sorts, I know before I had it I didn't really care, but now I think about my relapse because do I really want to lose all those days for those seconds of fun? Also putting my counter publicly on display encourages me to not slip up as I'd have to reset it and everyone would know.

    Again, no one is forcing people to use it and I don't judge anyone who does or doesn't use it, it's just a counter.
  12. I agree. If I just wanted a huge number, I would count from my last M relapse. But that’s not what I’m struggling with right now.
    My counter let’s me see progress each day abd reminds me of the work I’ve put in.
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  13. I mean, okay, so I'll just change my counter to 300 days or something like he said. The only thing I would be feeling is that I didn't accomplish anything, except pretend. I know for me if I set my counter like that in the beginning that wouldn't of worked at all, my brain loves to do tricks on me so that would of just been another excuse to relapse because I cheated or something.

    We humans sometimes need a way to visually see our accomplishments, and that's not a bad thing as it can remind our brain internally why we're doing what we're doing.
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  14. tweeby

    tweeby Banned

    What?! Do you think I have nothing better to do? C'mon this should be a basic functionality?

  15. having a counter motivated me a lot. i could see my win, my progress everyday. it was amazing and it still is even now i am 8 months PMO free. when i decided to quit my addictions for good, first thing i did was to download R tribe app that has a counter too and when i joined nofap 3 days later i took proud of my then just 3 days and set up my badge. even if there were 3 days. it takes time, but it so worthy. you will get there too :) have a nice day
  16. TheLoneDanger

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  17. Buzz Lightyear

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    The way to do it, for those still in the throes of addiction, is to 'defuse' the counter. Instead of setting it for absolute abstinence, it should be set for 'meeting my goals'. And then you would just do the best you can do, whilst letting the counter run, and building a strength while you see lessening frequency between 'episodes'. After a period, of say 100 days or so, you might then like to reset the counter to the 'hard mode' to really test yourself.

    As the system currently stands, it's like asking an 80 pound weakling to bench-lift 200 pounds.
  18. But again though, there's no set rule on how to go about doing NoFap and people don't have to use it, it's just there to help if they want it. It's nothing more and nothing less, it's just a counter.

    All I did was start the counter and haven't relapsed since, hard mode is what is says, it's hard but I know if I stay on it I'll eventually get better. Some people may do better with just no P or PM but that's for them to decide, and that personally wouldn't of worked for me.
  19. LEPAGE

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    I use the counter and have a spreadsheet. You can find the spreadsheet here if you search. Someone on nofap made it many moons ago. According to my counter I'm quite shit at nofap. My spreadsheet shows a different story. It shows that I didn't fap every day of the month, which for me is a phenomenal improvement. Some months I didn't even fap for one half or one third of the days. This is not where I want to be, but it is an improvement and gives me some encouragement to move forward.
  20. MLMVSS

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    You can type in a search engine, "What day was 40 days ago?" And you usually get a result :p
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