NoFap Dating Challenge - does she want you?

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  1. This is a dating challenge for men. Here are the rules:

    For this date until the time when you have completed your reboot or any other date after that, I am creating a dating challenge that will help men understand how to better engage with women.

    1. When you see an attractive woman in your environment, whether you know her or not, approach her in a polite way, and smile.

    2. Have straight posture with your back, neck and head.

    3. Don't twitch around and move while you listen to her or talk. Stand still.

    4. Ask her a relevant question about something that she knows about. For example, if she is wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt, ask her a simple question, like, "Are you a fan of Pink Floyd?"

    5. Allow her to talk, rant, complain, without end. DO NOT INTERRUPT HER AT ANY TIME.

    6. When she STOPS TALKING, THEN ask her a RELEVANT question about the topic at hand.

    7. Whether you ask her a question or make a statement, your next move is to use ONLY ONE sentence.

    8. At any point, if the woman decides to leave for any reason, then say Goodbye, and move about your day.

    9. See how far you can listen to her, and for how long. Keep it all about her, all the time. When she stops talking, that is the only time you will respond with a one-sentence question or statement ABOUT HER INFORMATION SHE JUST TOLD YOU.

    10. Here is the goal of the experiment: Can you, by merely staying interested in her on an unlimited basis, allow her to INVITE YOU to coffee OR ask YOU for YOUR DIGITS?

    11. The muscle being exercised here is altruism. Remember you cannot fix other people's lives, cannot give them relevant information, but what YOU CAN DO is to listen, and that might be all that it takes. Find out for yourself.
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  2. I am here to extinguish all of the people out there who are trying to develop "game" with women. It is not necessary. If you can keep it simple, be honest, and look her in the eye, that can make the difference. That scripted garbage you have read or watched on youtube will not work. I take that back: Eventually it will work. You will find an obese woman with no self-esteem or life skills and she will cling to you, and she will make you her slave in one way or another.

    The better way to get women is by developing REAL self-esteem and ATTRACTING women with confidence. How to build this self-esteem and confidence? Work YOUR MISSION. What is your mission? I can't answer this because every man's mission is different. My mission is to write successful books, become built, look like a model, be an awesome musician, and be a personal trainer, as well as many other things. Your mission might be more simple. If your dream is to be in the Army, and get up in the ranks, then your mission is to succeed in the capacity that you serve in the military. Your mission is whatever is the dream that God has put in your heart. Your mission is NOT to get laid. Getting laid is a byproduct of succeeding on your mission. Any questions, send me a message.
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  3. immadothis

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    I'm gonna ask my crush out
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  4. Maybe wait until you are further along in NoFap, is my suggestion.
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  5. immadothis

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    I don't know man, I hate being in love with a girl, and I know she likes me back, but I just am a pussy, it's different man, I can talk to any other girl but then man yeah, I want this one
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  6. TC10

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    Just do it. If you don’t, you’ll regret it.
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  7. immadothis

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    mmh, yeah I guess you're right tnx
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  8. My suggestion is to NOT build yourself up over meeting a woman. When you ARE NOT around her, do not think about her, whatsoever. Let go of the idea because if you hold on to it, you'll be scripting your interaction. Then it will not work because it's not who you really are, despite the ideas coming from your own mind. Instead, only think about what's going on RIGHT NOW. Live in the moment. If a woman enters into your environment THAT is the time to make an approach. And the best approach is to just say "Hi, how are you?" With slow speech and confidence.
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  9. Thank you @LOSEmyselftoSAVEmyself, I have this thread saved on my watch list. While I am not at point to do this at the moment in my reboot, or in my life, I think I will need to do something like this in the future. It's also good that you're acknowledging that 'game' can be very bad (I'm listening to a piece on that topic as I type this). There are techniques that can be useful, but the more important thing by far is to make oneself a healthier, more well-rounded person.
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  10. FX-05

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    Eliciting a girl to be interested on me so much that she'll be the one asking to date me? This sounds interesting, might be giving this a try when I'm further into the 90-day challenge (at least within three weeks or so)
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  11. You are welcome Questionite! I think that at the end of the day, a man needs to face up to the fact that he is good enough, as he is, to get a woman - ANY WOMAN. If he cannot look himself in the eye and believe this truth, then he knows that he needs to improve himself, his life, his mindset, his spirituality, and his individual gifts and talents until one day, he sees the self who he always wanted to be. And then he realizes, it was in there the whole time!
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  12. FX-05, I can testify that of the many relationships I've had, a strong majority were in fact, started by the women. I wrote about this quite a lot on my journal. I feel very strongly that, yes, sometimes a guy should make the initial approach, but eye contact needs to be strong first. See how strong you can make her desire you, just by looking at her. Don't plan it, just be in that moment. If she looks away, show her your persistance by waiting for her eyes to return. It shows you are a strong man, who doesn't give up. A man like that has internal value and inner strength.
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