NoFap Day 2 - Getting more work done (Advice required)

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by LSWMaster, Jun 6, 2019.

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    (Before I start I have mentioned that English is not my first language so excuse me for some minor errors that may occur.)
    Day 0 - Decided to quit PMO, alongside drugs, smoking, and drinking.

    Day 2 - As I go about my day I find myself participating more in the things I love doing. I am getting more of my uni work done, I started going to the gym in order to keep my mind distracted (though at times difficult especially when hot girls that look like they should be a magazine cover walk in doing the squats, still I try to keep focus).
    I find myself able to look a person in eyes before starting Nofap, it felt like shame like they were judging me even though I know 100% that it was all in my head, I felt judgment and lesser of myself, I could look at a person but for like a sec then quickly look away, now (though it still there but decreased) i feel a little bit more at ease.

    I feel more one with my body, my question to you is do you have any advice for a 22-year university student living aboard, with little no friends on how to better control urges
    thank you once again (sorry if some of you have a stroke reading this...
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    Sounds like you are starting to do some good work and observing yourself. Activities and self-care will keep things positive. Keep it going!

    I might comment that it's a lot to take on all of your issues at once. If that works for you, great. Just don't set yourself up for failure by trying to be a super-hero and then letting a slip in one area affect the others into a relapse of everything.
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