NoFap Day 7- Clearer Mind and more attraction?

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    Excuse me btw English isn't my primary language
    So update:
    Starting off from the obvious one, NoFap has really done wonder for my life
    - I notice when I go to the gym I am able to lift much much more then I used to not only the increase in weight but the overall set helping me push myself further
    -I find myself to be more confident when presenting myself to other the self-esteem is amazing usually I would look away when people look eye contact with me and I hate that as it made me feel inferior but as of late it feels more natural
    -Females friends are getting more touchy when I hang out with some of my female friends there is usually just normal hugs upon meeting, however that seems to be changing as now I notice my behavior through them have changed and theirs towards me...
    With all of these benefits, I am soooooo fking glad I discover the NoFap... please let me know how everyone is doing as also hearing other people success helps everyone including myself
    Once again i apologize for my poor grammar...
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    thank you i appreciate it
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