NoFap doesn't create girlfriends

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by cuddler, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. cuddler

    cuddler Fapstronaut

    I am on day 35. No girlfriend magically appeared yet. I will wait to day 90 and then I will fap a lot. Because I am really frustrated.
  2. Haggis

    Haggis Fapstronaut

    You are correct, @cuddler. NoFap does not create girlfriends. Its not a magic bullet and it doesn't turn you into a chick magnet.

    NoFap helps you gain control over yourself and helps you gain perspective on your life. If you approach it like it is a magical cure for being single, then the benefits you gain from it will not be what you were expecting.

    Many people find that once they stop fapping, they have more motivation to go out and meet people or talk to potential partners. But still, the burden remains on us as individuals to regain control over our lives.

    I wish you luck, friend.

    Stay the course.
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  3. cuddler

    cuddler Fapstronaut

    Can somebody tell me how to turn into a chick magnet?
  4. Self improvement. Be the best possible you. I know it sounds stupid at first, but when you think about it, you will realize that everybody has huge potential. Therefore you can become a whole new person. Depending on your goals this might take a while. But: no pain, no gain. If it would be easy it would not be worth it, because everybody could do it without any effort.
    There is no easy way.
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  5. cuddler

    cuddler Fapstronaut

    Boys, that I know, who have most girlfriends are mostly stupid alcoholics who don't give a shit about what people think of them. But I want to be wise abstinent with a good reputation and experienced with women.
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  6. Steel Fury

    Steel Fury Fapstronaut

    There is no magic bullet that will make you a "chick magnet". And why would you want to become one anyway? Serious question. Do you have time to date EVERY female you ever meet? Most of us don't. And if you have a job or any hobbies at all, you probably don't either.

    If you want to be more successful with women, it's going to require you to do a lot of work in improving yourself, and go out and meet women. Be prepared to be rejected A LOT. The only way to get good with women is practice. And like any new skill you learn, you're likely to suck in the beginning. Posting or reading PUA theories online won't do jack shit for you.
  7. cuddler

    cuddler Fapstronaut

    I am young and poor and I want to live :(
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  8. PotentLife

    PotentLife Fapstronaut

    I can tell you this. If you have gone 35, you have overcome a lot of urges and emotions. You have overcome a lot of self-rejection. If you're afraid of girls and women rejecting you, then just remember you're really more afraid of yourself, because rejection only lasts a moment but you beat yourself up for days over such things. Therefore don't beat yourself up. If you've overcome so much self-rejection already through staying the course of nofap, you can overcome women rejecting you. So go out there and get rejected. And get rejected some more. Welcome rejection. Eat it for breakfast. You become fearless this way, like a champion boxer with a heart of gold who isn't afraid of a punch. You are tough. You are brave. You are the man. And women are attracted to fearless, enterprising men like you.

    Just don't pursue the same woman once she rejects you like I did. Move on to another. Gorgeous girls and women are everywhere. Go out into the world. Say hello to every attractive woman you see.
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  9. Sleep aid

    Sleep aid Fapstronaut

    as a alcoholic in recovery ill tell you its way easier to communicate with females or anyone sober.
    i feel you on that time limit thing, my goals for 30 days after that not sure what ima do but the main thing to hold you back is the poor angle.
    being poor myself, poor meaning no car,no money , no new cellphone is a disadvantage. cant drive a lady no where , cant invest in anything to impress her on a date, cant even face time , not on my phone. lol the best bet is finding a girl with a car, whos got a job, and doesnt ask me to many questions about my phone, and is super happy for me to tag along with whatever she is gonna be driving to do.
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  10. JoePineapples

    JoePineapples Fapstronaut

    NoFap isn't a magic wand, or a silver bullet. It won't turn you into superman. A lot of the claims that it will are frankly, IMO, overblown and nonsense. What NoFap can be is a catalyst… a catalyst for change. Often, it kickstarts a whole "self-improvement" process… after all you've got lots more time to fill now… might as well fill it with something positive. Diet, exercise, reading good books, meditation and NoFap all add up to a powerful recipe.

    As for girlfriends magically appearing, well, don't worry about it. Seriously, the best way to get a girl, is stop giving a shit. Stop looking. Stop being desperate, fill your life with the stuff you are interested in, get out and do active stuff, and be the best possible you. And guess what, you're suddenly more self-assured, confident and attractive, and it will happen.
  11. cuddler

    cuddler Fapstronaut

    Thank you. I am working on myself, but I was always working on myself so I am not sure whether nofap is helping me. I think I am more social. I started going to places where there are people and talked with two girls. At a lecture and in a train. We were even talking about sex. It was nice, but I would like them naked and I don't even have my own apartment.
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  12. Thechosenone

    Thechosenone Fapstronaut

    Nofap starts a cycle of self improvement that creates scenarios that girlfriends can come into your life . the title is quite ignorant seeing as your on day 35 out of a subjective 90 day process. You will certainlyfeel ddifferent the closer you get to 90. I've seen it. I'm completely different to the person I was a month ago. Two months ago.

    Give it time, personal growth and micro habits and itll fall into place.
  13. Haggis

    Haggis Fapstronaut

    I wish you luck in your quest, but I caution you. Don't replace the instant-gratification/objectification of porn with the objectification/use of real-life women. You could get laid every other night by someone different and then look back on your life after ten years and realize that you wasted that time and have no one meaningful to share your life with.

    Its been said in this thread already, just be you. Find someone you connect with, not just someone you want to bang.
  14. britaxe

    britaxe Fapstronaut

    What NoFap has done for me is got me off my ass out into the world more often where the opportunity is there to meet women and not stay indoors and beat the meat over pixilated images of women. I think i've smiled, laughed with and acknowledged more women i didn't know or know very little in the last 3 months than the last two years or so. I don't expect to be a chick magnet through NoFap. I do expect to be more confident, have more self-control and self worth and if consistent with it women will eventually pick up on that.
  15. Here are some of my tips to you, whenever you can always try to get a haircut, cologne is huge, try to grow a beard if you can its a panty dropper for some reason. Beards make 94% of girls wet. But the most important component in getting a girl is confidence.
  16. cuddler

    cuddler Fapstronaut

    My beard doesn't grow I don't know why. I think that confidence comes out of experiences with girls. Not out of will.
    I think that before nofap, if you have no girlfriend. You won't have a girlfriend after NoFap. You will just stop fapping, that's all. I have never heard about anyone who said nofap helped him get a girlfriend.
    They just accept being alone for their whole life and without fapping.
  17. This thread is beyond frustrating.

    Enough said everyone.
  18. :)
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  19. melancholy king

    melancholy king Fapstronaut

    From my experience the most desperate men are the most likely to get girls, maybe not the "best" girls available, but I suppose if you talk to hundreds of women its only inevitable that one of them would like to be with you.

    porn addiction is a symptom of a bad lifestyle, in particular one that is without association with other human beings, so I would venture to guess that if you are driven to become addicted to porn in the first place you are also likely to not be very social able either which means that our group is less likely than others to be bad with women.
  20. scote73

    scote73 Fapstronaut

    Guys, please don't take this to heart, as it is simply not true.

    @cuddler You have to be very, very careful making generalized statements like this. You are not privy to everyone's Nofap progress. You can't say, for sure, that "nobody has ever found love" after nofap, because you are simply not a witness to everyone's life. You are entitled to your opinion, but it simply just isn't true.

    No, nofap doesn't "create" girlfriends. Completing nofap's challenges, and learning how to live a better life, can give you the self-confidence needed to become the best possible version of yourself you can be, which happens to be a huge turn-on for women.

    Nothing about this process is *magical*. It's about taking control of your own life, and reaping the benefits from your success.

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