NoFap Energy missing?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by OneAboveAll, Sep 18, 2019.

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    Hey guys i have been doing NoFap on and off for the past year and this time im trying to discipline myself for the better. so a little experimentation that i had (Unexpectedly) is before i started Nofap (10th Day now) compared to the one before i relapsed, (15 days),
    i had more focus, more energy, and just adrenaline flowing in my body UNTIL, i relapsed. So i started again which until today i managed but the flow of energy and feeling is different this time from the last one, if i had to pick, i would prefer the more energetic full on 100% me or i guess right now everything is just getting used to it or
  2. Di.Do.555

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    It is different every time and from day to day even .
    And also u have to understand that at times symptoms suck.
    I have days on nofap where i feel agitated and lethargic and days where i feel abundant energy.
    You have to honor your body and understand that the cure of pain is sometimes in the pain.
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    Rebooting is a slow process, and can be more subtle than one might think.
    There are ups and downs, not everyday will be amazing or where you'll feel like a conqueror.
    You should pursue and observe what happens in your body and your mind.

    Also lack (or abundance) of energy can be due to other factors such as your sleep patterns, eating habits, physical practice among other things.

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