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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by rockefeller, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. rockefeller

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    I don't have any story to share now. Just trying not to fap as long as I can. Day 1 completed.
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  3. Hufflekid

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    Same here! Making it a life-long change and practice has made me even more committed.
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  4. SelfControlIsTheGoal

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  5. rockefeller

    rockefeller Fapstronaut

    Day 2 completed.

    PMO has really ruined my life since last 14 years. Anybody who justifies doing PMO on any ground is not right. Whenever I do PMO, I feel mentally wreaked, weak, hypochondriac (thinking I might have AIDS or cancer) and sometime I often contemplate having suicide. Life becomes meaningful, healthy, colourful only after I spend a day or two or more porn free.
    When I was a teenager, I didn't experience these many side effects except I was having pretty less time and energy for studies, sports etc. I never did any physical exercise or ate properly. But as soon as I turned 25, serious detrimental physiological side effects of PMO came into play, and I feel so sick whenever I relapse these days. I often have low self-esteem and have virtually thrown all my ambitions into a garbage bin. As soon as I masturbate, I start losing my mind and grip over reality. I feel suicidal but more than that I really feel so empty. Mind you this is very deadly habit. Sooner or later you are going to realise the ill affects. I become so tired and energy less that I feel I have acquired some form of cancer. I was thinking about HIV too, but from the recent test results I have come clean out of that. I am pretty sure if I continue this for some more time like 1-2 more years I will die either or suicide or something else. Though I masturbate not that much, often 1-2 times a day, but that is sufficient to make me feel really really week and worthless. Lately I have started going to the gym, working out, running outdoors and eating properly but all these steps become useless just after a relapse.
    I have tried making a streak in this past (I started seriously from Jan 10 this year) but have not been successful. When I started I was thinking that I would get something great out of these NoFap streaks- I will become fitter, smarter, wittier, attractive and so on; but my motivations have changed lately. It has now become matter of life and death. I know I will die really quick if I continue on the same path that I have been following in the last 14 years. I don't have those big ambitions of past, but still don't want to die so young.
  6. KariusD

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    Good luck bro!
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  7. Agent

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    You need to set a goal and live day by day, today keep yourself busy tomorrow do the same and it keeps going till you start being unaddicted to PMO, but no pain no gain, so keep yourself motivated everyday by the morning ! :)
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  8. i have had similar issues, as hard as it is, need to focus on one big change at a time, its hard to do too much - especially given flatlines etc

    key is replacing habits

    i have similar abitions to you, been addicted for 20 years (i am 35), and really want this change to lead into a better way of living and being

    good luck dude
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    No pun intended I hope.
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  10. rockefeller

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    so day 3 completed now.
  11. jorg78

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    Just do it! Good luck mate :emoji_metal:
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    Day 6 almost done. I am feeling a little horny right now, but I should understand that PMO is my greatest enemy.
  13. Grim_reaper

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    Ride it out, dont give into it. As soon as you get past the two week mark you start to see changes!
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    Im setting mini goals with a wider goal being 90 days but im keen to practice this for life or most of it. Ive thought about completing the 90 day challenge then re-integrating healthier less frequent masturbation habits into my life after that but i think that would be like an alcoholic saying hes just going to have a can now and again
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  15. rockefeller

    rockefeller Fapstronaut

    so 7 days done and dusted. This is my 3rd highest streak of all time, first being of 21 days back in 2007 and second 13 days this year in january.
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