NoFap has become an obsession to me, and I'm done

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by GenkiAdept, Jan 26, 2018.

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    So I'm going my own way, again.

    Yes, I know the feeling of being a week in and having the feeling you can take on the world with all the increased testosterone. I know the benefits of quitting porn, and in large part I have.

    However, on the good advice of my therapist, NoFap has now become nothing but an obsession and addiction in itself, and I haven't been able to stop thinking of it--I would compare my counter to my self-worth, and it was just...awful.

    I have good memories of changing due to NoFap, and Your Brain On Porn certainly made me aware of the pitfalls which I know now to stay away from. But now, I can't build myself up if I continue to focus so intensely on my problems rather than finding solutions. And in every case I have found the solutions are out THERE, in the world, not online.

  2. TheFutureMe

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    To be fair, NoFap doesn't happen online, but THERE in the world. You make it happen everyday in what you do and how you do it. Which is exactly what you're doing now by letting go of some tools that you don't see fit. So in reality you're not leaving NoFap, you're living it to the fullest ;) I'm glad that you were made aware of this and that you are supported in the steps that you take to regain control over your thoughts and behavior. :)

    All the best to you!
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    Your profile says you've been a member since Saturday and you have 11 forum posts.

    This forum is meant to explore discussions with others that have similar issues. In other words, finding solutions so you can implement them "out there".
  4. noonoon

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    Not sure how this is a very success story, but good luck to you!
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  5. pcmaster

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    Yeah, this is not success story. Get out of here noob!

    Hit 90 days before talking about obsession. I see people going for years hard mode and they are not obsessed.
    This is about fighting addiction and getting superpowers. If you want to change life then this is good catalyst to do so. This is for those who want healthier brain and body.
  6. Little kitty

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    I agree with you, we have to focus on the solution rather than the problem. and i am so grateful you can realize it. the first time i found this forum i am very excited (maybe you too), in my spare time,i read our brothers story about his struggle, and they are very inspiring. I feel very welcome here without any judgment, and ultimately I do not feel alone you need a hug? or need a friend to talk? do not worry, we are all here for you
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    I understand what you mean. I have been on nofap for roughly 50 days, and in the beginning I looked through the forums and stuff many times a day. At some point I realized that it's not healthy. For the last four weeks I only go online once a week and thats great. I still have the benefits of support when I need it, but during my week I am getting used to not thinking about PMO at all.
    Anyways, good luck to you on your jorney, I hope you don't use leaving nofap as a excuse for a relapse!
  8. You are like me.

    When does anything become an addiction?
    When you start depending on it for something that you want.

    When I first started nofap, I thought, "Wow! By doing this, I will be more confident, and successful, and girls will be attracted to me!".

    And just like you, I started depending on nofap for my confidence. As if nofap was the only way to get the aforementioned things.

    The trick towards doing nofap successfully without it being a burden, is to not *depend* on it.

    Do it like you would do anything else. Do it like you brush your teeth everyday (I'm sure nobody's addicted to that).

    Don't think too much. Just do it!

    And for improving your lifestyle, or whatever it is that you're trying to improve through nofap, depend on YOUR ability to improve those situations. Not on the fact that you are doing nofap.

    Good Luck friend, whether you come back here or not, I hope you have an excellent life ahead of you!!
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  9. Oh dear another dogged contender with urge talked about leaving Nofap. Brilliant.
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  10. noonoon

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    I’m obsessed...with leading a better life!
  11. No i was talking to autor of this thread.
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  12. Mkngitwrk

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    Sometime it does feel like I am obsessing to get to the site to sneak a peak at what others are going through, to read success stories as well as tips on not relapsing. There are lots of things that I benefit from however am taking breaks throughout the week to keep me grounded and to allow me to practice what I have learned from the noFap lifestyle. Good luck to you man.
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  13. Really, really like this post.
    I get on nofap multiple times a day. I use it for encouragement, and also to contribute. It assists me in my path.
    I, too, am sad that many therapists either think that a little p and m isn't a problem for people that it obviously is. Or they are somewhat threatened by the idea that a patient may get better without their assistance. I personally have had multiple therapists tell me that masturbation is not a problem, even when I was telling them that it was.
    I saw a video recently that ended with the statement "it isn't so much an addiction issue as it is a bonding issue", and I concur with that. So nofap, even though it is not human to human, is a group that meets like this, and that IS connection. So for a therapist to tell someone to stop attending a group appears irresponsible to me, but admittedly, I do not know the entire story.
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  14. Luke96

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    "Solutions are outside there, not online"! I agree with you :)
    I think all you need is motivation and only by comparing with others you can obtain your tasks ;)

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