NoFap has been featured in the New York Times!

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  1. heywally

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    The Times is where I read about Alexander and this site, which I am expecting will help me quite a bit. Look forward to posting my log and intro soon. Thanks!
  2. Well said
  3. Well I'm glad at least you understood the joke. Ah well.
  4. Drift

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    Hey Alex,

    We love you as you are man. Thanks for being a caring and courageous light in this world. It was great reading about the space you all have set up. Glad you're getting good recognition and are moving things forward.
  5. Owari

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    NoFap and the idea of PMO addiction in general need to be recognized more, and this article is a great step. I mean, unlike things like smoking, a lot of people who are addicted don't believe they have problem, and millions more are probably still ruining their lives by PMO.
  6. The human failure

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  7. Hey if money is still needed then please put up a donation bar.. I personally cant go on paying 10-20$ a month but would be willing to give something like 5$ every few months.. you could set up a goal and am 100% sure you can reach it if you make it like '0/250$ goal reached please support!'... I dont see the point in getting premium either, i dont want it i dont need it.. i love these forums and i want to help out and i been told b4 by alexander that its only premium.. The way i see it Alexander is just trying to make a living out of this, not really just run the site but really wants to make into a business so he could ride off the sunset with his money when the time is right.. NOTHING WRONG With being an entrepreneur and retiring and being well off financially before the age of 40!!!!!!

    So yeah.. bottom line put up a donation bar please. OH AND HOLY SHIT THIS IS A HISTORICAL MOMENT FOR NOFAP AND INTERNET PORN ADDICTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELLLLL DONE MEN spread THE WORD

    oh and ugh.. To be honest the 'super power' stuff only happens in the first 5 days and there is no like increase in powers after 5 days
  8. classicalguitarmonk23

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    Loved the article. Definitely getting awareness about a problem that can no longer be ignored. Our sexuality and our minds will be better for it. Thanks Alex and Nofap team for spreading the news.
  9. Loved the article, I thank you Alexander for everything that you did for us and still do. It is nice that you focus yourself on helping others, and I feel sorry for the death's threats and the "mental terrorism" that you have to suffer. But most of the people out there are not good enough to get all the proper infos before judging something, and maybe some of them are just hired to fight you and us.
  10. seventyniner

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    Alexander - proud of you, since day 1. Keep it up, hero.
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  11. bfdet

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    great job! thank you for all you do! there is no question of the good your work has done for many, including me. Thank you!
  12. Yeah it looks like a whole section was cut out... Or the writer just abruptly ended it... Astonishing that it was published like this
  13. Ekhangel

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    I also think single donation option should be definitely available. I like contributing to things that I respect and am willing to support financially, but not exactly on a monthly basis, especially when I'm not a regular user and only come here for occasional chatter.
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  14. JTT

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    Well done Nofap. Keep up the Awesome work.
  15. Jinx

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    For the folks mentioning their desire for a one-time donation option, it already exists:

    I saw an ad for NoFap donations linking there, when I scrolled down to the bottom of the page from my mobile device.
  16. Dr.NoFap

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    Alexander is my hero.
  17. ILoathePwife

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    I thought the hair looked good. Intentionally mussy. I may have made up that word. Mussed up. Stars pay a lot of money and spend a lot of time on the I don't have time to care tousled look. :)

    A lot of new people seem to be joining! Four or five new members of the SOs group!
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  18. ILoathePwife

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    It had to be some kind of editing mistake. I think something was cut out.

    "“It’s just something you have to deal with and let the proper authorities follow up on anything,” he said. SOMETHING IS MISSING HERE. Soon it would grow terribly cold, making for a terrible night of sleep in spite of a tent and a supposedly insulated sleeping bag that I bought at a suburban Target.

    On the morning of our second day, Mr. Rhodes sat near the extinguished campfire from the night before, laptop on his knees. Soon we’d be departing the campsite, heading back to the city, to “civilization.”"
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  19. ReadyToStop

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    Me too! Joined on a bumpy plane flying over the country while using in-flight wifi to read the Times. Time to get a bigger server :D
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  20. The problem is people don't see a problem. This stuff makes people believe they're gay helpless aspies.

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