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    I realize that the founder is not religious, not trying to sell religion, and have personal views contrary to the religious community; However, as he himself stated, teaming up with the rigour community would help generate revenue. And I honestly believe that in the interest of keeping the website up and running as well as helping to undo some of the global damage done by the perveyance of pornography, he should reconsider, swallow his pride, and team up with the religious community. Which is more important: not teaming up with the religous community and watching the website go down, or teaming up with the religious community and ensure the long-lasting survival of the website?
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    Yeah it's an interesting proposition. I think there's a lot to be said for religious neutrality. I guess it depends on what demands they make. Because it's like a business or a musician, people always want to hijack things and put their own agenda on it. I really like that people are so judgment-neutral on here. I think it helped me say some things that I would have had a hard time explaining to people who haven't had similar experiences, and I'm very religious.
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  3. I understand the view on religion, nothing worse than the God squad sprouting on about being saved and all that. But I have to say there's spirituality and there's religion. And there's the underlying message of the bible and then there's how men deliver that message.
    I'm just saying spirituality is a avenue for recovery and it shouldn't be dismissed just because men have used and abused religion and spiritually to control people.
    I think trying to recover from porn addiction by just using props like porn blockers, cold showers and avoidance doesn't go deep enough to fully heal the wound that's at the root of this problem.
    There needs to be a profound spiritual shift within in order to be free for life.
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    I can totally understand what you are saying but it would "not" be a good idea for Alexander to allow a religious overtone to stake a group claim over the philosophy of Nofap, there are many reasons for this but the most obvious ones are that if Nofap becomes anything other than a secular site it will drive half of the sites members and visitors away because it will alienate those who are not Christian, and while the funding and backing by a Christian foundation would be nice to recieve it would ruin the special site that nofap already is (if its not broken why fix it)??

    Nofap is a place where "all" people can recieve help without having to be afraid of ridicule and its the first site i have ever witnessed where both religious and non-religious people actually get along with each other and treat each other with mutual respect!

    Secularity (adjective form secular,[1] from Latinsaecularis meaning "worldly" or "temporal") is the state of being separate from religion, or of not being exclusively allied with or against any particular religion.WIKI.
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    Although I myself aspire to be worthy of the label "deeply religious person," I too have previously written why I specifically find the secular nature of the site to be the optimal basis for advancing our mutually-shared message.
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    Considering this a little more, I think the non-religious stance of the forums is a strength. Religious dialogue is clearly allowed, and many people here (including myself) identify with strong belief systems. By keeping the site religiously neutral, though, it shows that pornography and masturbation are not vices that are only objectionable on a religious ground. In other words, you don't have to believe in God or any specific holy text to see that PMO is hurting people. Some may argue that only excessive use is bad or unhealthy, and that's a totally defensible stance. But since the people on NoFap are largely concerned and struggling with pornography and masturbation addiction, it presents an issue from a health, wellness, and ethics standpoint that PMO is a problem, which just about anyone can get behind.

    The point I'm moving towards (I won't go through a lengthy, reasoned stance here) is that, especially in 2016 USA, issues tend to get characterized by conservative/Republican/religious vs. liberal/Democratic/secular lines. If we avoid that, it allows people to keep whatever political or religious system they choose, while still being allowed to agree on the inherent badness of vice and excessive PMO. It (hopefully) allows the right message to reach more people.

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