Nofap has failed for me

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Mattew, Feb 8, 2019.

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    Oh man, I am going through something similar. I am in a living hell; I can't feel anything other than sadness; But am not giving up; recently i read a success story of a guy who went through a major depressive episode that lasted for 2 years; this is called post acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS). Look it up; it really takes 2 years to rid yourself of that sadness and symptoms if you are so addicted, that is, if you don't relapse. I am sticking to his plan; he went vegan, exercised regularly and reconnected with his faith. I am doing the same, bro. Please stay strong and keep on fighting till your streak reaches two years.
    And since we are on the same boat, mate, do feel free to PM me so that we would vent to each other.
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    NoFap isn't going to sovle all of your problems. Obviously, you've got some serious underlying issues that require therapy.
    Also, what have you been up to while on NoFap? Still kept the same old routine only without porn? Did you start hitting the gym regularly, go out more, work and such?
    These things are important. Not masturbating and watching P is good and all, but won't do anything without you doing more productive things.
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  3. When they get the death paw, you gotta take em to the vet right away.
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  4. Really? Or did he delete it himself?
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    We all should answer this question.
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    How would you describe depression then?

    Have you tried psychedelics, e.g. psilocybin?
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    Without wishing to reopen the whole Fap v Nofap argument I've been on/off for around 18 months now.

    In my personal opinion, coupled with reading many accounts on here I've come to the conclusion that NoFap does have many benefits (more time, more energy and increased self esteem) however the are NO associated superpowers nor should it be seen as a 'fix all' solution to other physical and mental health issues.
    Please seek professional health where appropriate.
    Everything in moderation.
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