Nofap has just made me want to see Escorts

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Monk1415, May 20, 2019.

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    Yes don’t do it. I got addicted to escorts after never ever wanted to see one. It was just part of porn escalation
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    pursue time and money on chasing women you can create true relationship with. escorts are waste of money and time.
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  3. Hey Man, I was in UK last year.
    I addicted to PM before and somehow it got me escalated on wanting to fulfill the imagination with escort.
    That was when I visited UK.
    I guess a thought that I thousands miles away from home made me brave to do it.

    I went to her place in a sweat.

    But when I arrived and met her, somehow I managed my self and I didn't do sex with her.
    I grateful I didn't do it, because if I did it who knows what kind of STD I can get into.
    It won't just harming me but will also harming anyone in the future have sex with me.
    Perhaps my wife, perhaps my future child.
    So I disappointed about the money I spent (120GBP) but I'm grateful that I didn't catch any STD because I didn't do sex with escort.

    So man, if the burning desire come... you might want to googling what various STD picture.
    It can caught you even though you're using condom.

    Hope you make wise decision man...
    My pray for you...
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  4. That's a good decision. It's not just about the sex I've done this myself. Trust me, STDs. It is illegal in some places you can get in trouble with the law and is it really something you want to hide from your kids or your future wife from for the rest of your life. The man that you are in the future may not be the man that you are now. You might not think it's okay. Later on in life, having sex with a stranger ruins your soul. It gives you a hardness of the heart. I know

  5. Great information man, thank you for sharing about the future.
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    My Journal
    That's how you catch an STD.

    Don't do it unless you get the escort tested!
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    You are funny :emoji_joy:
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    I've got better things to do but reading this thread has made me red in the face with frustration at the bullshit being spouted.

    1. Most escorts don't carry STDs at least in England (where the OP is from) as it is a legalised industry.

    2. Condoms will stop any serious STD

    3. You WILL regret not having sex any way you could whilst you are relatively young. I waited till 25 and wish I tried it at 18

    4. Sex is not overrated at all, some escorts are shit, but once you have seen enough you will have ones where you walk out feeling a million dollars

    5. It will stop you from destroying someone over an unrelated interaction due to sexual frustration

    That's all I've got time to post but there are an awful lot of pussy boys on this website. I've been through hell and back with my autopsy fetish I just tell it how it is.
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  9. [QUOTE="there are an awful lot of pussy boys on this website. .[/QUOTE]

    Well you know where the door is

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