NoFap helped me to have better standards with men

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  1. I noticed that doing nofap I am not so desperate for attention or company from men anymore, I feel an inner peace within myself and I am able to respect myself more. I used to get excited over the slightest bit of attention and my list would get in the way when I would talk time. NoFap definitely gave me a clear mind and mental strength, also the ability to control my desires and I feel empowered that I have recorded my journey on nofap
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    Feeling good by yourself is really important and not needing someone to feel happy.

    And when we achieve that then we can go and create a super heathy relationship with an other human being.Because when we expect someone to make us happy first of all we get really attached and we choke him/her and secondly he/her just can’t possibly make us happy.
    So first he happy by your self
    then go create an amazing relationship.

    I am happy for you :D
    Good luck moving forward and
    Stay strong ✌️
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  3. Great. I like successful stories!
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  4. Thank you so much
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  5. Thanks :):):D
  6. I felt the same way when I had completed 30 days too. (Although I did t realise it at the time).

    For the first time in my life, I'm able to be awake without any sexual thoughts in my mind for hours together. And the desperation in me seems to have reduced considerably too.

    I've made some better goals, and I'm trying to work towards them now.

    Good Luck, and may the fap never be with you.
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    Well done! I also found a similar thing in that I deleted my Instagram account from my phone. I found that after a certain amount of days on my streak that I didn't need external validation or the need of approval from others. Plus some of the people on Instagram are exactly those approval seekers that I speak of.
  8. YES exactly, I also noticed that I stopped fantasising about sexual situations now, the only sexual urges I have come from my dreams, which is irritating but yeah no fapping makes you realise that sex is really not the focal point of your life, especially if you have been abstaining all your life like me :eek:. Thank you for your wishes, and may you never PMO again!!! :D
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  9. Thank you so much, yes I don't know why social media has now enabled people to be addicted to attention and validation. I think PMO just puts you at a vulnerable state, it damages your soul, self confidence, your brain and it really makes you dislike yourself. So you're more likely to depend on other people to make you feel whole, and complete :(
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    wow congratulations. . . I am happy with your achievement, we all have the same problem and hope we all can face it. I hope we can be better than before. . .keep the spirit and god bless
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    Excellent stuff. It's inspiring to see how you've benefited from NoFap, and it's that been a catalyst for you striving to (and making) improvements for yourself.
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    Congratulations on your streak and making a change in your life, turning yourself into a quality woman.

    That can now only mean that you attract a quality man into your life.

    All the best!
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