NoFap indirectly changed my life

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    Hello everybody,

    I'm now a while into my NoFap journey. My streak is not insanely high or whatever, but NoFap has triggered something in me that actually changed my life.

    In the spring of 2017 I started NoFap for the first time after discovering a video about it from Seth Alexander in my recommendation list. I had never heart of it before and I am glad I found it.
    My addiction was pretty bad. I started watching porn when I was 13 years old and 10 years later I discovered that video. My fetishes changed over the years to some more crazy shit and I will never get those images out of my head. Wish I could go back in time. I used to masturbate to porn atleast 2 times a day and I would mostly masturbate for more than an hour, just to find the perfect video and perfect moment to ejaculate.
    God even typing about it disgusts me about myself.

    So the first few months I managed to get a 30 day streak at highest. I was a virgin and thanks to NoFap I got a weird feeling about myself. The urges to real women came back, but I was very insecure and absolutely TERRIBLE with girls. I had asked a girl once in my life for her number, but I didn't have the courage to go on a date with her(afraid of failure).
    I needed a change and wanted to be able to attract girls and be more comfortable around them. The most important part for me was to lose my virginity though. All my friends were always talking about girls and I got jealous and being a virgin made me very insecure. It meant so much to me. I was already 23 years old.

    So when the summer started and all these beautiful girls were wearing cute outfits I was getting desperate and looked up videos on how to attract girls. I started daygaming on my own, but failed. After my failure I seeked help and found a special week bootcamp in picking up girls. It cost me quite a bit of money, but it really changed my life.
    I always thought I would never be able to get a girl, but the most valuable lesson I learned in the bootcamp was that I actually could attract girls. And it was even very easy. It opened a world for me that I thought was not possible for me. I would have never done this if I hadn't done NoFap.

    Now you would think. Ah so just doing a special training in how to pick up girls and your life is changed. Well yes and no. After I did the bootcamp I was the most social, energized and happy version of myself. A couple days after the bootcamp finished I relapsed and watched porn again for two days.... I felt miserable. I lost everything I learned again just by relapsing. I was insecure, could not approach girls anymore and was quite depressed about it. It was temporary luckily, because when I was at around 6 days of NoFap again, I regained my learned skills. Proves how much of a difference NoFap can make to someone.

    I am now on a 46 day streak and I got mixed feelings. NoFap makes me emotional, but it also makes me feel so fucking great. My voice is deeper and I feel so relaxed and confident in myself, that I talk really calm and I am not stumbling in words anymore. Girls can really sense this in me. Girls are eyeballing me all the time. A couple days ago I approached a girl that was looking at me and 4 hours later we had sex. And no I am not some sort of hot male model. I haven't cut my beard for 3 weeks and have got an absolute shit hairstyle (haven't cut it for 3 months). I look like a younger version of Bob Ross.

    Other benefits I noticed:
    - Motivation to achieve things. I started boxing and trailrunning.
    - Less brain fog, more concentration
    - I laugh a lot more than before, I am really happy nowadays
    - Lots of time left to do other shit that is more important lol

    I think every man in the world should stop doing PMO for atleast a month and experience the benefits for themselves. It is really worth it people. You really do not want to be in this porn trap for the rest of ur lifes. You can do it, it is gonna be hard for a couple of weeks, but come on do you really want to stay this weak fucking pussy that only gets his joy from a fantasy? Wanking your dick in your dark room with the doors locked. I get disgusted by these thoughts everytime and I feel shit about myself how I wasted so much time in those 10 years on that crap.

    I really want to thank you guys for reading my story and I do really hope it gives value to someone. Stay strong and keep your heads up people :)
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    keep going man, i relapsed from a 46 day streak 3 weeks ago, what you have is precious, recognise it's value
  3. Thanks for sharing, congrats.
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    6 weeks must be great. Sounds like you had a lot of trouble but finally did it, I'm happy for you. Hope I'll reach this number one day.

    I've heard a lot about these seminars and bootcamps. Was it just the regular pick up stuff about confidence, self esteem, NLP and being alpha? If so, did nofap help you with these aspects. I'm not sure if it does in my case or it's just a placebo.
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    Thanks for your replies people!

    The bootcamp was about techniques on how to take a girl on a date and what to do on the date.
    It went from just your posture to what to say, how to talk, how to approach someone without coming over as a creep, overcoming your social fears by doing different things in public where other people would think you are weird etc.
    An example is to go into a club and try to get a girls phone number but you are not allowed to talk. Its all about your non verbal skills. Approached about 200 girls in a week time and got maybe 40 phone numbers and 8 instant dates. Incredible numbers for me.

    If NoFap helped in this? Fuck yes it did. NoFap helps me so much. Mainly my interest in just normal girls came back, which might help in doing pick up. I didn't need some crazy hardcore porn footage to get me excited anymore. Also thanks to NoFap I got so much better in my talking. I am not stumbling for words anymore, I talk very calm and got a slightly deeper voice. Being calm is one of the most important aspects of pickup. You have to talk and move very very very slowly to get the best effects. It was insane to me how slow I had to become, but it worked!
    Also when I do PMO, my eyes are more like zombie eyes and I am a bit more afraid to look people in the eyes. When I do NoFap after 2 weeks I got a sharp focus in my eyes and that makes me really confident.

    But it's how bad your porn addiction is what determines how big of a change it will make in your life. I would masturbate for 3 hours straight. Edging the fuck out of it atleast twice a week. For me the changes are very noticeable.

    Hope it helps :)
  6. Roffelaar

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    I failed. I relapsed a couple days ago. Man! the change I went through was crazy. The next day after my fap I was a little bit depressed, low on energy and very VERY easy to trigger. Couldn't even look my mom straight into her eyes jeez.
    The reason I fapped was because I had sex with a girl the day before and I could not ejaculate and I needed to let the tension go. I regret doing it badly.

    Sorry my fellow nofap fighters

    alright back to it.. day 2
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    Buddy, we ain’t all perfect. I have been in this resetting motion for many times, but I know I want to be free of this addiction, as do you. Battle on, and you can do it!
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    The fact that you got to 47 days is amazing for me. I haven't been able to avoid O for more than 12 days. But my goal is more avoiding PM, but P seems more important to avoid for me. I'm still going for PM. I hope my life will improve soon. I don't think I've ever gone more than 3 days without P. But I'm new to this and just starting out.

    Is there a way you can tell how long someone's record is for PMO? Does it show on their profile, even if the counter resets, will it keep the old record somewhere?

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    You are doing great bro...
    Your story motivates me too... Though I haven't been able to go past 3 days... I couldn't handle this much amount of energy that I feel flowing through my body...

    Keep going !
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  10. Hello, I am in my 2nd day of NoFap and your history motivate me really in order to continue this challenge. I hope you continue also and good luck in your goals and your life. Thanks to share the benefits of this!!!

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