NoFap Inspired Poetry!

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Do you write poetry?

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  3. I don't, but I might give it a try

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  1. Hey there, feel free to share your poetry!
    Would love to hear what you got.

    Here's a few originals inspired by NoFap :)

    Heart and Soul
    Heart and soul in such a flurry
    may this journey free me
    free me from this cage hanging in the sky
    If I'm captured I shall strive to fly
    These bars may tie me into a chaos unseen
    May my heart and soul be in peace
    for this moment.

    Don't Go Blind
    My mind shifts into oblivion
    the image that flashes itself
    before the sight of me
    must I look away or else go blind
    When our brain starts craving and we feel temptation to look at just one image
    we must look away or we will relapse and feel dead inside.

    The Wolves
    The viciousness of the beast is nigh
    it's most high when we look
    when we look unto a woman
    for our lustful eyes are lured in
    the vicious pack intently awaits
    tearing us a part the second it sees our eyes gaze​
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  2. Nice... :)
  3. Oh soul of mine,
    we shall be fine,
    as long as porn,
    we both do scorn.
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    Interesting! Noicee.
  5. Wonderful, thank you for sharing! :)
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