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    I swear nofap is ******* real
    It is dead *** real
    Don't mind my typo as i am seriously happy right now
    I am never going to porn and masturbation again
    Never ever in my life
    So my short intro
    I am 22 being masturbating for about 5+ years. Not really sure of how long tho
    A virgin too i can say
    CauSe i had sex with some girls back in high school and i couldn't get it up at all
    It was hard when we were making out but then as i was about putting my dick in it went flaccid.
    I have tried having sex like 3 times but all the same the sex was unsuccessful due to PIED

    So today i girl i met came over, i knew sex was going to happen but i was scared already that this wouldn't happen again but mind you i had gone 40 days hard mode no PMO then relapse then before she came today i had gone another 40 days hard mode no PMO
    I couldbt believe we had successful sex
    We even went on 2 rounds
    The first one was quick
    Let's say about 3-5 minutes
    While the second one took a while
    Let's say about 15-20 minutes
    I can't believe i beat my PIED
    Please guys trust me nofap actually works
    It works legit

    I have always had this doubting mind that it doesn't work, it got to a stage i was already saying that Gary Wilson hired some people to tell lies on success stories on this forum
    That was how bad my PIED was

    But i can say successfully now that my PIED is gone
    And i am never going to masturbate in my life ever again

    Please feel free to ask me any question i am ready to answer them

    I am alive once again
  2. Great motivation good job man!
  3. Skillzthebadguy

    Skillzthebadguy Fapstronaut

    Please bro
    Make sure you keep to nofap
    It's really real bro
  4. Slayer666

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    Congrats man. That is really encouraging. I am just beginning my NoFap journey now at 34. I experienced similar problems (in fact the other night had a beautiful girl and had some challenges keeping it up) which have really shook my confidence, but it makes me hopeful I can shake this hearing stories like this. Keep it up!
  5. Skillzthebadguy

    Skillzthebadguy Fapstronaut

    Yes don't give up yet bro
    Just keep on going it would work out some day i am sure as it has worked for me
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  6. Slayer666

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  7. PowerfulSRE

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    Great! I am happy to hear when someone gets cured! I wish you good luck mate!
  8. SeekingLife

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    If you can be brutally honest, how did that first nut feel and how did the girl react?

    Im 30 days in and i don’t plan to have sex until i reach 90. I am just concerned with how much of a load i would bust, let alone how short i’d last haha
  9. hairlesschewbacca

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    Congrats brother! Stay true to your word and never go back.
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  10. Happypetal

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    Were you getting morning woods? I have read that is a sign of recovery.
  11. Skillzthebadguy

    Skillzthebadguy Fapstronaut

    Let me try to be
    The first was crazy, it didn't last too long
    Was about 3-5 minutes and it was crazy sent a vibration down my spine
    And she was okay with it
    But the second was the bomb cause i took long
    I hope i am not triggering anybody.
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  12. Skillzthebadguy

    Skillzthebadguy Fapstronaut

    Yes i was getting
    Out of a week i get morning woods like 5 times
    I don't think i am fully cured
    But i know it's a process
    I joined nofap because of my PIED but i am never going to stop it
    [ TE="Happypetal, post: 2167590, member: 245787"]Were you getting morning woods? I have read that is a sign of recovery.[/QUOTE]
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  13. Skillzthebadguy

    Skillzthebadguy Fapstronaut

    Less i forget
    Please don't forget to try and rewiring with a partner
    I did that
    You rewire with someone just kisses and hugs and some little romance is good
  14. Just be aware also to not spend too much semen. It´s a man life force and semen retention is a real deal. Maybe you can also search some information about it. But congratulations to your improvement!
  15. LetsGetStarted

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    Congrats mate! It's great to hear your story. It gives me and everybody else confidence!

    I will give you a little bit about my story. And advice based on my experience to the one who are interested! :)
    I am a virgin too with 18 years.. still young, but with PIED, started masturbating around 12/13 and (fetish) porn at 15/16. I noticed when I didn't get hard while kissing a beautiful girl after a night out (maybe a whiskey dick, I never kiss girls sober..). But it was the kick in my ass I needed to stop watching porn and masturbation completely. And I am so happy I did. It feels like I am normal again, I feel so proud of myself because of the streak (it's only 67 days). And it feels weird thinking that it was so normal for me to masturbate daily. I have changed as a person.

    (I must also say that I knew about PIED before I kissed that girl, I tried to minimise my fappingdays from daily to once a week. Well THAT DOES NOT WORK. You will relapse!! I did that for 6/7 months. NO F****** PROGRESS! You have to go HARD MODE. Believe in the cause and you will find that is not so difficult to resist the urges. I am so dedicated that the urges are simply not there for some reason.. And you can do it too!
    Perhaps you will find yourself in a flatline, after a few days or even one month. And yes the flatline can be long! I had one from day 10 till around day 60. And I am still not sure if it is over yet, maybe because of the spikes in a flatline. But the flatline is there to heal yourself. So embrace it! :)
    And DO NOT THINK ABOUT TESTING IF YOUR DICK STILL WORKS. IT WORKS ALRIGHT!? But by testing you will become horny and you will want to PMO AGAIN. And that is not what you want if you are on NoFap. Trust me, your dick works fine while watching porn but not yet with a woman and that is what you want right? I can say this because I relapsed before due to this stupid method.
    I know I am talking all this while I don't even know if my dick works with a real girl, but I can say I have a streak of over 60 days without any problems. Whilst most guys can't even reach day 30. Nothing wrong with that. But do some research, appreciate the advice from others and stick to the cause! You can do it!)

    A few improvements and main reasons I am so dedicated:
    I am on my 67th day. And some improvements I see: 1) I never had morning wood, I literally searched it up 2 years ago why I never had one hahah. But since NoFap, I have been having morning wood daily for the last few weeks :). 2) I feel like I have more energy, I love to work out now, where as earlier I disliked it so much. 3) I was depressed like a mtfker, I thought about killing myself or just wanting to die in my sleep. I do not have these thoughts anymore, I am improving by the day and I enjoy life again like when I was a child. 4) I somehow also feel that girls want to keep in touch with me since I started NoFap and want to hang out even.

    And the last point is an improvement, but also a problem. I really want to hang out with a beautiful girl but I am afraid I will not perform. So I am pushing girls away just so I can reach the amount of time I need to recover from this addiction/problem. I don't know yet what to do, fate will decide.

    Ask me whatever you want. I am happy to answer!


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  17. Great motivation from someone of the same age.
  18. Powerous

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    funniest shit ever

    Congrats bro on your success haha
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  19. Skillzthebadguy

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    Haha that's how crazy it got bro
  20. Skillzthebadguy

    Skillzthebadguy Fapstronaut

    Haha that's how crazy it got bro
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