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  1. Thomas Babcock

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    Okay, so I have been practicing nofap on and off for around 2 years now... initially struggling to go more than a couple of days before relapse.

    this was due to pied and also escalation to tranny porn, to sissy porn and then onto gay porn which caused serious HOCD. Even though I had had previous girlfriends who I loved and used to have sex with 2-3 times a day.

    in October of this year I managed to abstain from PMO for 28 days. My longest ever streak... I had some stressful events occur that caused me to relapse hard in November. But at the start of December I was determined to try again. So today marks 22 days without porn.

    I started speaking to a girl I met on A dating app and eventually I hadn’t slept with a girl for basically the entire 2 years since I discovered nofap. So I was really nervous about my PIED. However, on our first meet up we didn’t have sex but my dick was rock solid the entire time and was even leaking Precum.

    however last night is what inspired me to write this post. We had sex!!!! It was amazing. She spent the night and then we had sex again in the morning. No PIED, and now I’m realising I have never had ANY sort of attraction to men in real life and can’t believe porn has made me question my sexuality for so long and caused me so much stress, fear, doubt and anxiety.

    Today is New Year’s Eve and I know I’m going to start the new year completely fresh without all the shame that I felt caused by porn.

    this time I am DONE with porn. It has caused so many issues not just in my sex life but in ALL aspects of my life.

    I’m sure I still have a long way to go, but knowing this chapter of my life is over brings massive relief.

    PS - thanks to Noah and Gary Wilson without whom I wouldn’t have made it to where I am today.
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    congratualations sir,thanks for sharing but you posted on the wrong forum
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  3. DonDraper

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    This is an awesome story to hear. As you move farther and farther from porn, those strange cravings and urges will go away. You will no longer need to view tranny porn or other extreme forms of porn to get aroused.
  4. IR254

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    Congratultions, I'm glad you feel so much better now! Thanks for sharing your story with us.
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  5. Yes.Benifits are real.Especially abstainance from porn definitly help us to become a better man!!
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  6. Younameit

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    congratulations man, bury porn in the past and live life to the fullest
  7. Bigdog1776

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    So in 22 days u cured pied?? I wish that was me
  8. Infrasapiens

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    Of course NoFap is real, all you have to do is not touch yourself.
  9. Thomas Babcock

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    Yeah, but after practicing for 2 years, many other streaks ranging from a couple of weeks to a month. Massively reducing the porn consumption is what did it. Not just a 22 day streak. If you relapse don’t give up, it doesn’t completely erase your progress.

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