nofap is the best self treatment ever !

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Berlin2019, Jul 22, 2019.

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    I just want to say that this is the best thing I did to myself ever.

    I got to this site after I saw a self improvment video clip, the narrator said a few times nofap, I googled it and thank god I found this amazing site ! my first milestone..

    I started to read a lot of threads and eventually I found an amazing thread ( it explained in details the consequences of fapping mentally and physically. It made me understand the harmful results of fapping and the importance of nofap ! this is my second milestone in making my life better. during this time I just read the thread and looked at my life and everything made sense. I suffered from a lot of symptoms described in the thread which some of them I wasn't even I aware of..

    The journy isn't easy but once I understood the destructive results of fapping it wasn't an option for me ! I continued to read a lot of success stories which gave more confidence that i'm doing the right thing ! I started to believe again, in myself in the world, it gave a lot of inner strength. My mental state now is ten times better then the first day of nofap, confidence, phobias, anxtities and you name it are in control now and soon will be gone.

    physical awareness, my third milestone, I started to feel diffrent parts in my body I became more aware. I understood that my low mental state eventually influenced my physical state, I learned here a lot about the anatomy related to sexual health and how to make it better, it takes time but with determination and will power it will happen the question is only when and I think that once I was aware about my situation and accepted it ( what else can i do .. ) I started to see physical and mental results.


    I'm so happy to be given this opportunity, and it is only the start.. I know it will be even better as time will fly.

    take care of your health first by not fapping ! be persistent and positive and it will help you open internal doors that blocks you. since I started nofap I managed to overcome a lot of mental obstacles, it didn't happen immediately but it did happen and happenning..

    be patient and persistant,

  2. Wow! Thank you for sharing the thread!! Keep up the good work!!!
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    Good advice -- be patient ……. persistent ……. and positive :)
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    All the best my friend.

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