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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by filmit57, Dec 31, 2019.

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    Thanks for the encouragement it took me 10.5 months to level up my base flatline. What I mean by base flatline is even when I’m in a flatline my flatline is not as bad as it’s been earlier during this streak, not to say I don’t have bad days ahead but the last 2 weeks has been mostly very good with a bit of brain fog. But I can say that there is still healing being done because last week going into this week I had about 5 days in a row of great clarity, today I have a bit of a flatline but it’s nothing too bad at all. And what I’ve learned for sure is that the healing is done during the flatlines.
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    Great job dude!
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    This is a great success story. Thank you. I feel that your success (and the ease with which you’ve achieved it) are the result of something very KEY to any success. It seems that your mindset has been focused on maintaining and cultivating all the BENEFITS of being without PMO rather than focusing on just NOT PMO’ing. You didn’t see yourself as depriving yourself of anything, or resisting anything—but instead, growing and developing something.
    I see so many people here complaining about how hard this journey is, and continually focusing on how hard it is to NOT PMO.
    You chose instead to look at all the areas of your life that are now great because you stopped PMO and keep your focus there. Congrats and thanks for sharing.
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    What about fantasizing about sex? Did you experienced those kind of feeling/moments? And is it normal to suffer at the beginning to be free from the effects of porn? Are you lonely sometimes and how do you deal with loneliness? But hey great job man, I am also on hard mode and want to be free for this complete year and it goes well since 1st january 2020. I failed last year upto 50 times or so but I learned from my mistakes although it seems like that I am a weak person by failing so much. But I will give my best.
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    Well said your spot on, I appreciate your post. There has not been a day during the current streak that I considered using pmo. I spend my days pushing myself to be better and enjoy life. Even when I’m flatlining like I am right now as I’m typing this with my heavy brain fog and anxiety I am focused on reaching my goals and setting new ones for myself. The withdrawals make life harder but suffering is nothing new to me, been suffering from pmo for a long time this is a cake walk at this point. I almost laugh at the idea of myself going back to pmo.

    Some advice I would give to make the journey easier for others is go out in public and make yourself uncomfortable, know what makes you different, see everyone else having a good time. Be the weird guy at the club in the corner with nothing to say. Embrace being the weird guy in the corner until you say no more I won’t be that guy anymore. Put yourself around as many different people as possible, if your pmo symptoms are holding you back from being your best self at that current time you will be sick and tired of it if you do it enough and you will do whatever it takes to change.
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    I used to fantasize about having sex with girls I knew, haven’t done that during my current streak that’s all behind me. It’s definitely normal to suffer after cutting out pmo in the beginning, my dopamine levels took a big dump in the beginning causing my brain to freak out and wonder what was going on which brought a lot of withdrawal symptoms. I don’t get lonely being single and not having sex with woman has been with me my whole life, but I’m also not lonely because I do have a lot of friends and family around me. I also have a lot in my life to keep me busy. Once I’m cured or close to it I’ll look into exploring what females have in store for me. I’d say for you take out a pen and paper and write down all the reasons why you want to be free of pmo addiction. Use that list to fuel your drive to kicking the bad habit.
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  7. rama16

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    So u think u gluten sensitivity disappeared after nofap ?
    did u have any other allergies before ?
  8. biggame5k

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    How were you able to say no to Porn and masturbation and escorts this long?
  9. BigBallOfFire

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    might be allergies, sugar, dairy, lactose, milk can be anything
    dopamine pathways - smoking alcohol drugs


    brain fog might come from parasites too

    hard to say but if there is a symptom there is a cause.

    not enough sleep

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