Nofap Journey and thoughts

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    18 days streak.

    8 Jan 2 am --- did the pmo. Felt guilty, sad and hopeless. Tired of fapping I want to remember these feelings before I fall again.

    14 Jan -- My inside person questioning....
    During NoFap, you mostly get angry. If you not over come this addiction, after marriage you will be angry on weakest people like your wife and parents. how you overcome your urges after marriage when your wife not with you for a month, or if she don't wanna do when you want it, will you fight with her? Your expectations from her will escalates daily.

    16 Jan- If you keep on invloving in fornication, god never accept your prayers.

    21 Jan 2am - Just thinking how much I was dumb, just thinking and fantasizing lusty things and wasting time. in real life its just nothing matters. sex is just 10 to 15 minutes pleasure. Just thinking, how porn and hentai filth trapped me.

    24 Jan 2am - I was fantasizing forbidden sex and finally slept. I know this will leads to watch porn. I have to stop this fantasies.
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