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    NoFap should develop some type of access point with consumers private IP address (consumer given the option to allow such access of course ), this would monitor subjects when using the web/ phone or really when trying to visit what they think is a inappropriate site for their own eyes . Codes should intercept such words as ETC... This would bring the Community together and help someone through there worst moments. Stopping PMO could be easy without this option but providing more security for more damaged subjects to help a person out. Think about the lives that could be helped/saved.

    Disclaimer: I am aware of sites that offer this for money. But those sites aren’t backed with thousands of people trying to stop such habits as covered here, not to mention all times of the day too. weakness could hit a person anytime but what good are these sites if their sponsor is asleep or not available to take action.

    NoFap, is the perfect place to consider this as it is a online support group. We all don’t have enough friends or family that understand this being a issue to help and we are all on computers/phones all day. We are all here to (*STOP P*)or slow down MO or eliminate PMO altogether. Why not try?

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