Nofap Masterclass Challenge.

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  1. Good day everyone!

    I am introducing and bringing you a new and at large challenge!

    The idea behind this challenge is basically choosing a subject becoming a Grand Master at it. I've heard in the passed that if you have succeeded 10,000 hours into one subject you have obtained the right to be a Master or Masterclass extraordinaire. Witch is well over 416 days! As of this point on you set out on a quest to master anything you want and to live a better life of Happiness and Success without PMO!

    If anybody would like to join even if I do this by myself please comment below and tag my name and I will gladly add you to the list.
    Most of all I would like to hear how your progress is going so don't hesitate to talk.
    Daily or weekly check ins are recommended just to keep tabs your Master plan.

    As of right now I am taking on Japanese and producing music. I'll be supporting everyone all the way as well

    Masters List

    Fighting for God

    Shoto Jaya
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    WARRIORMAN Fapstronaut


    Add me. . I am going to become a meditation grand master
  3. Fighting for God

    Fighting for God New Fapstronaut

    Please add me. I want to learn programming.
  4. You are added in my friend. Lets see progress!
  5. Right on man! Let's doooo it.
  6. This is a check in. I've had a hard week, but I've been getting myself to study Japanese more and I have gotten into a relationship as well with exercising more.
    Day #1
  7. #3 Day's... I've been edging a little bit and it stinks. A ton of feelings come up when I don't masturbate and retent semen. For this forum I am going to study more Japanese today and go to the gym in the morning after my shift.

    WARRIORMAN Fapstronaut

    Edging is fucked . Stay away from it . Porn subs are also a bitch

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