NoFap miracle! (Penis growth)

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by savitri, Mar 2, 2018.

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    But I've seen in porno tiny women taking 9" dongs balls deep. o_O
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  2. Hi guys

    Don't you think that, in reality, your dick has not really increased ? perhaps the truth is that the reboot makes it 100% hard.
    Before starting NoFap journey's, even in front of porn movies, your dick was at 80-90% of its best state.

    I say "you", "your", but I should say "we", "our", because I also believed in the past that I had penis growth. :D
  3. Yes, well they can stretch. ;) Remember, that when fully dilated babies exit through the vagina. I was 10 lb 6 oz! :D
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  4. Have you ever actually pulled 9" out on a tape measure? PORN LIES :)

    However, many PROFESSIONAL adult stars do spend several years working on increasing their insertable length to prevent injury. Try anything like that with a *real* girl & she'd likely end up in a flood of tears, possibly the hospital!

    Also know that for every minute of sex you watch in porn, the camera can often be stopped & re-rolled 10-15 times. You are not seeing what's really going on...
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    And yet again we reach the topic of penis size and how important it is. Didn't like 70% of women don't get orgasm from penis in vagina sex (not sure bout that research). And even if not true if you arr the best moral ethical man and the woman leaves you because you have small dick, what does tyhat say? Just asking, noit pretending to know.
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    Its not about penis size, it's about penis girth which matters
    ask any woman, its all about the penis girth, if it's above 5 inches you are lucky
  9. lets put it another way, if you are average sized or even on the smaller side of average, sure there will be some women who wont want to be with you... that is wouldnt work with them cannot control this

    95% of your time with your girlfriend or wife etc, is not having sex, therefore the size isnt that important to your healthy relationship with them, its just one facet of the relationship

    appreciate the goal for most of us here, is to leave porn behind, but we are left with the elements of having those wild sex lives we watched of big dicked guys slamming girls left right and centre.....when you are away from porn, those memories will fade, and you will want a healthier relationship that sex is part of, as you see the person and not their sexual utility

    anyway, thats my 2 cents, could add more, but some thoughts
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  10. Yep you're 100% right I totally agree with you. There was one girl I dated who was totally obsessed over penis size, and I mean so obsessed that it was pretty weird, but I also remember finding out she had visited porn websites on her phone. Looking back now I know about NoFap etc she was probably a PMO addict too & this had likely warped her mind as well.
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  11. As IGY said above, this forum is probably not the best place to be discussing something as risky to PMO addiction as jelqing.

    Despite what we've seen in videos, a lot more than size is at play in resulting in a pleasureable experience for the receiving party - psychology, technique, hormones, emotions and personal preferences are all things that should be considered.
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    Hi All, in terms of cock size, porn does a lot to make the rest of us feel inferior. For me it has been muscles, a hairy rack, stamina, whatever. Good to learn be grateful for the tool that you were born with and use it the way it was meant to be used. If it grows without PMO, even better.
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    If u want to be happy in life find a partner who doesn’t care about penis size. If she does, odds are she’ll also care about penis quantity.
    Oh and if you ever are with a woman who suggest your weiner is too small, suggest instead her vag is too loose!
    “Yeah, I like my vaginas a lot tighter than yours.” That’s about the equivalent.
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    This thread is so silly and pathetic it is sad.

    Men worrying about penis size is as unattractive as women worrying about if their tits are to small or obsessing over some other particular area. I believe in acceptance and accepting ones body is essential in being able to accept somebpody elses.
  15. That may be true, but a LOT of men have done so. *raises hand of admission*

    Porn is a common reason for us being here, and it's safe to say porn has presented unrealistic ideals for both genders and all persuasions. Your beliefs are good, but please try to understand that some people may have more issues to work through than you.
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    its been 100 days .....i dont see any increment in mine
    though there are some other body changes
  17. I will admit that during one of my previous NoFap attempts (can't remember which one or how many days) my penis did get a *little* bit longer.

    It was certainly longer in flaccid state - and the erection felt much fuller. I measured and erect was like 0.25 inch bigger.

    This time around I haven't noticed anything, but I haven't actually had any erection since I started this time around (and don't want one yet).

    I can see why it would get a *little* longer though - I feel like the more often you're hard, the less effort your body puts into getting hard. Your brain will think you're getting sex a LOT so it'll assume you're good on the reproduction front. If however you don't get hard in a while your brain will see it as an important opportunity to reproduce so boom it'll go into overdrive & send everything it's got down below to make sure you succeed.

    Plus I do more exercise when abstaining from PMO so that likely has benefits too (less fat, better blood flow in general).
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    Is that flacid length, or length when erect?
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  19. Mine has increased from roughly 4.75" to a solid 5.0" (erect)

    I'm not sure if that is from NoFap or from weight-lifting and getting leaner.

    What I have noticed is that my flaccid size is definitely bigger and this I attribute 100% to NoFap. I think it was a lot smaller when I was engaging in PMO because it was always spent . . . and perhaps because it was trying to hide from me!

    My balls seem bigger too. Again, because I'm no longer emptying them on a daily basis.
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    Where do you get this from?
    Statistical study has shown the majority of women prefer about 6,5

    Excerpt from the summary: "Women preferred a penis of slightly larger circumference and length for one-time (length = 6.4 inches/16.3 cm, circumference = 5.0 inches/12.7 cm) versus long-term (length = 6.3 inches/16.0 cm, circumference = 4.8 inches/12.2 cm) sexual partners"
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