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  1. Hi Fapstronauts,

    We're pretty bogged down. The forum is a mess (threads in all of the wrong sections), we're overworked, and we need to call in some dedicated reinforcements. We need your help. We need to bolster our team of people who are pumped to kick porn addiction in the butt and make a difference in the world.

    While I am thankful for your interest and time, please be sure to read through this entire post before filling out the form.

    The NoFap moderation team, also known as the "Elder Council" in more-cultish terminology, is in charge of keeping NoFap running smoothly. Think of the moderation team as the guardians of the forum - we remove the pornography and spam, resolve Fapstronaut disputes, shut down troublesome threads, and basically just work to keep NoFap a fun and safe place for people to get the help they need.

    This voluntary position does come with fair amount of power to influence NoFap in many tangible ways. But with great power comes great responsibility. I am not looking for people who will vanish a month after accepting the invitation. The responsibilities could be burdensome. So if you are interested in applying, please make sure you have a drive to help lead this community for the long term.

    • Have at least 50 posts on NoFap
    • Active community participating of a helpful and considerate nature
    • Excellent written communication skills
    • Plenty of time to spare
    • A good understanding of how to use xenForo is preferred, not not required, but at least an eagerness to learn is. This is the software that runs our forum.

    • Log in to NoFap at least 4 days per week, perform some moderation dutues at least 2 days (by "days" I mean not 8 hours, but just logging on for any period of time)
    • Keep the NoFap forum running smoothly by mediating disputes, removing advertising & pornography (and banning the posters), and working closely with administrators to ensure that Fapstronauts have the best experience possible
    • Communicate with the team frequently through a top-secret hidden NoFap team Slack channel, using the Slack web or phone app
    • Keep the forum organized by merging duplicate threads, moving threads to their appropriate sections, encouraging Fapstronauts to stay on-topic, and deleting or locking problematic threads
    • Continue to be a great community member
    • Guide the community in acceptable posting behavior and monitor the forum for violations of our rules of conduct
    • Respond to Fapstronaut questions about using the forum
    • Report emergency situations to me
    • While we value your time, NoFap isn't currently a profitable website and cannot offer monetary compensation at this time.
    • You'll be one of our best Internet friends.
    • If your resume is really terrible, feel free to add NoFap Community Moderator to it. I can even write you a letter of recommendation
    • Help others quit porn and live more awesome lives
    • You'll get to tell people "I'm in the elder council of a cult" somewhat truthfully
    Please fill out this form if you are interested!
    (Edit: applications are now closed, keep an eye out for them again in the future, thank you very much!)

    Thank you for your time reading this!
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  2. These are being accepted on a rolling basis. Also, we'll likely ask to speak with some applicants via Skype or the phone if possible.
  3. Dizzy Lotus

    Dizzy Lotus Fapstronaut

    Well, if anyone decides to take this on, power to them, I guess... wow, this is a hard job.
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  4. HopeFaith

    HopeFaith Fapstronaut

    Yes, 4 days is a lot especially if someone works full time. Maybe it might be easier to recruit if the position is split into 4 staff doing 1 day shift each . Just a thought.
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  5. Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your interest in helping us moderate NoFap! I'm super exciting about working with new moderation team members!

    Moderating is a lot of fun, and is constantly rewarding. It is not always fun and games, however. Moderators have to mediate disputes between users that may seem silly. They also have to deal with troublemakers, spammers, and people who think it's funny to post porn in a porn recovery community. Sometimes the job can feel a bit thankless. But please remember that as a moderator you will be helping make NoFap a safe and fun community where people are free to express themselves, talk about their problems, and find solutions.

    Thousands of lives have been changed through this community and the services that NoFap offers. Fapstronauts have escaped from compulsive porn use and found a new lease on life. They have discovered new energies within themselves that they were previously unaware of; energies to change, to create, to take hold of their destinies and paint their dreams onto the fabric of their lives. Together with thousands of individuals worldwide, Fapstronauts are sweeping away the shadow pornography cast over their lives and discovering the joy of a life in the bright sunshine. There is no greater gift then the discovery of yourself, and NoFap, its community and services, help facilitate that discovery by removing the obstacles that stand in the way of individuals releasing their full potential on the world.

    This is only possible through the endless and untiring contributions of our moderators. Our moderators are the people who keep NoFap safe from the porn spammers that try to destroy this place of sexual healing. Our moderators are the people who work tirelessly to ensure that threads are moved to the right place, that troublemakers are dealt with, and that the conversation keeps on going. Our moderators make NoFap a safe place for Fapstronauts to express themselves, to tell their stories, to ask for advice, to get the help they need to overcome their compulsive porn use. Without our moderators, none of this would be possible.

    Moderating, then, helps NoFap change people's lives all over the world. So if you are wondering whether you might like to be a moderator, but are concerned over the time commitment, or having to deal with disputes, or anything else; please remember that through moderating you can make concrete, positive changes in people's lives the worldwide. That's something to volunteer for. That's something to time out of your day everyday for. That's something to put up with the trolls, spammers and troublemakers for. Everyday when I log on and start my moderating duties, I smile thinking of the changes in people's lives I'm helping facilitate every day.

    Thank you to all our current mods for the awesome job they are doing at keeping the NoFap community the vibrant and dynamic community it is. And thank you to everyone who is interested and fills out the application. Please know that we greatly appreciate your willingness to help NoFap remain the awesome community it is! :D

    If you have any questions about moderating, please ask me, and I will be happy to answer to the best of my ability!
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  6. Yesodi

    Yesodi Distinguished Fapstronaut

    Out of curiosity:
    1. how "plenty" is "plenty of time to spare"?
    2. approximately (or exactly) how many hours are expected, at minimum, during each of those 4 days (or total per week)?
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  7. Get what you are saying but it is really, really hard to enforce "you need to be here at x day" hard-scheduling for volunteers. But yeah, I'd say minimum logins to perform some moderation is 2. I'll edit that now. But really I don't think "briefly logging in 4 days a week" is too too bad, but understand where you're coming from and will be more clear.
  8. HopeFaith

    HopeFaith Fapstronaut

    Ah, I understood you need people for long 4 days and not 4 logins per week. This advert does not specify if it is for 12h or 1h per day work and this could make a difference to the amount of people considering this position. Yes, clarification would be of some benefit here.
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  9. Golgo 13

    Golgo 13 Fapstronaut

    Just applied, Hope I am chosen!
    I do have a question though. So would I really be exposed to a lot of porn-spam? Do people really post porn pics here often?
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  10. What if there would be one or two moderators whose only duties were:
    One from the States and one from Europe for example. Or maybe even more? There's always advertisements everywhere.
    I would imagine it to be relatively easy to get a few people to volunteer for such a simple task. I would even consider doing it myself.

    Better yet, what if all the moderators specialized in different areas? To make things more efficient and divide the moderators' burdens a bit.

    The one who focuses on keeping the forum fresh and fun, The Wise Advisor, The Spam Destroyer and The Ingenious Technician.
    Maybe not exactly like that, but Anyway, you catch my drift. :p
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  11. ziodeg

    ziodeg Fapstronaut

    If in future I'll have spare time i'll offer it. Sounds good and I'm really intetested. Thanks for the message.
  12. A big thank you to everyone who has filled out an application already!

    You yourself are the best judge of how "plenty" is "plenty of time to spare." As for hours per day/week, any period of time is good. We're not going to say that "you need to be on for 2 hours everyday." It's entirely up to the moderator. We just like seeing them active and engaged.

    No. This doesn't happen very often, mainly because we've minimized the opportunities for spammers to post porn. But it does happen occasionally, and it is something the moderators need to know how to deal with.

    Interesting suggestion, ekoluomu. We'll keep it in mind.
  13. nitsuj0786

    nitsuj0786 Fapstronaut

    I don't know if I have a ton of time to spare. I mainly check when I am at work. But I am on here every weekday for at least a little bit. I like to look at different post and help out where I can or point to where someone can get some help. I have no idea how to use xenForo, so that might be a big downside. I would like to help unless you think I can't commit enough time to being a moderator. Just let me know.
  14. Aaron_0

    Aaron_0 Fapstronaut

    Yeah. I was a volunteer mod on a forum when I was 17 or 18. It somehow seems much less appealing at 31...
  15. WifeInTheDark

    WifeInTheDark Fapstronaut

    While I do have the interest, I don't have the software experience. I'm guessing it's not something a person can run off a tablet?

    As someone who supports an addict but who doesn't personally have a porn addiction, finding and removing porn would make me pretty happy without triggering me. So in that respect, I'd be a good candidate.
  16. Yesodi

    Yesodi Distinguished Fapstronaut

    Thanks for answering my question, @matthewmammothrept.

    And here's one more, for you or for @alexander:

    I notice that the signup form currently asks for our (presumably-real) name (in addition to our NoFap username).

    How strict is this requirement?

    I personally feel that NoFap has already given me a lot, and I feel a real drive to give back as much as I can! Unfortunately, donating money is a bit of challenge for me right now, but I'd gladly offer my time as a moderator and my technical experience instead.

    However, despite the statement on the form that "all information you submit is confidential. Your email address, name, or any responses will [not?] be used for any other purpose aside from selecting new NoFap moderators," I'm still a bit paranoid about fully disclosing my identity.

    Is abandoning anonymity a deal-breaker for you?
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  17. Well, if you feel like you can regularly check an anonymous email address and regularly use Slack chat while remaining anonymous, I don't see a problem with it. I just would prefer that people used email accounts that they actually check on a regular basis, rather than a throwaway one only created for anonymity.
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  18. numpty

    numpty Fapstronaut

    I don't think you need a "ton" of time. Let's say the to do list has 50 items and you can do 5-8 items in 20 minutes (most folk are computer literate in this decade) then you're sorted. You won't be the only admin so you won't be expected to do all of them!

    Of course the figures am given are examples.

    Sorry I won't be able to apply in this current time. A few months ago yes I would have been a position to do so!

    Also this could be a good motivation to recover for those struggling to reboot as you will have something better to do than sit and watch porn!! I know I always wanted to be a mod on a website in my teens!
  19. Yesodi

    Yesodi Distinguished Fapstronaut

    Thanks for the insights, @numpty!

    FYI, I have already filled out an application. I shall view it as an honor and a privilege to be able to contribute what I can. :)
  20. VeryUnderstanding

    VeryUnderstanding Fapstronaut

    ill do it i spend nearlly everyday on the forums trying to help people as they have helped me !

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