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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Mike28, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. Mike28

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    Hello everybody

    Lately I realised that I read a lot of you guys' stories and questions on NoFap. I love the support and spirit on this page.
    Unfortunatly I often started reading posts about kinks that I have too, which lead to me getting aroused and ended in PMO.
    How do you guys handle this?
    I wanna keep on reading these stories because I wanna learn but at the same time it holds me back from success.

    Thanks for your help!
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  2. Hros

    Hros Fapstronaut

    I realized this as well What I do is if I see a word that might cause triggers, I leave that post and go to a different one. Not all posts have triggers.
  3. overclocked

    overclocked Fapstronaut

    I was the same. I'm much less sensitive now and can read and even laugh about anything now without getting aroused or feeling anxiety.
    Try to find friends and accountability partners here, only read their journals and write your own, ignore all other sections until you feel more secure.

    Sometimes a break from the entire website can help as well.
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  4. That's a real problem - I actually left NoFap for a long time just to avoid these sorts of people. Recently I posted about how such people really need to wise up, but I sometimes see posts that are really just exhibitionist nonsense.
    I don't think you will learn a thing from these stories. Some of them are sob stories, some of them cries for help - but a large number are just weirdos giggling over their failings. Do yourself a very big favour and ignore them 100% - especially if they are a PMO substitute for you. After all, you want to quit PMO, not encourage it.
  5. Read the Success Stories forum mainly.
  6. Porn Free Wanderer

    Porn Free Wanderer Fapstronaut

    I personally think we need to learn to deal with triggers as a priority, simply because the world outside isn't going to change itself just for our benefit.

    That said, there are a lot of posts on these boards that aren't at all helpful. If your finding nofap doesn't help you on the way to success, then don't read it. Alternatively, you could limit yourself to just reading Success Stories or Self Improvement.
  7. Clean Plate

    Clean Plate Fapstronaut

    Whenever you read something starting to get descriptive (like an erotica novel), leave the thread or watch out for posts that have "Relapse triggers" or something similar in the title. If they dont list that in their thread then shame on them.
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  8. New Focus

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    This is something that we all need to figure out. I would take it a step further and say that the outside world, our environment is not the problem, but rather our desires towards them.

    That of course does not mean we should put ourselves in harms way either.

    My thoughts towards posts here on NoFap is that the Porn Addiction subforum is not very helpful and I do not read from there.

    I think age plays a big role in this as most are of the younger ilk, while at my stage, I am less concerned about conquering women and more concerned with being happy in my own skin.

    I am still trying to find my way, after a very long time searching. I just know we must deal with our triggers, not avoid them.
  9. TryingMyBestinCanada

    TryingMyBestinCanada Fapstronaut

    I have the same problem. For me it's seeing the trackers where someone has reset recently, or the relapse channel. I actually feel really bad that they reset. But my mis-wired porn brain thinks about them having an intimate private moment and the pleasure they're in, at that moment.

    I know it's totally wrong because the person is here and struggling to solve this. I'm working on getting past this though and avoid the relapse channel like the plague now.
  10. tiredofdoingthis

    tiredofdoingthis Fapstronaut

    I'm OCD, so I focus on many things. Surprisingly, I have found very little of the talk on here stimulating. I see a bunch of guys that are struggling in many ways trying to get through it and be honest and ask questions from others who just might have the answers. Seeing the counter makes me see that some really are doing well on this journey. I try to really pay attention to what these folks are saying. Then I see others like myself that are struggling. This doesn't mean that we don't have thoughts that are helpful. I think you have to just be aware of what is likely to trigger you. If a post title seems stimulating to you, maybe you just don't read that one. This has become my dopamine hit, when I don't go to porn. Instead of PMO, it gives me a sense of possibly helping someone else on their journey or maybe I'll read something that will help me.
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  11. Cargo Pants

    Cargo Pants Fapstronaut

    I find that some of the stories/problems on here are highly descriptive and trigger me big time. I sometimes get so turned on that I have to pull away from NoFap for a few days. You need to find ways to stop yourself from reading these trigger stories. When I find a way, I'll let you know
  12. Mckell

    Mckell Fapstronaut

    I agree you start to be able to recognize problematic posts. I hesitate to discourage people from feeling free to post what they want. Some posts, especially from people early in their journey are graphic and painful because they are being used to get the horrible truth they’ve been carrying around out in the open- an important healing step for many. It doesn’t take much time on the site for posts that are just acting out to become pretty obvious. If you’re feeling vulnerable, Look at the tag. Also, avoid Problematic Sexual Behavior forum until you’ve got a grip on things. Please don’t avoid the site- too much positive stuff on here
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  13. Easy, download k9 web protection free, that will keep you in line.
  14. Porn Free Wanderer

    Porn Free Wanderer Fapstronaut

    If only it was that easy. Sadly, my addicted brain has found more holes in that software than there are in Swiss Cheese. Mmmmmmm.... Swiss Cheese.... I'm hungry now.
  15. What? I managed to get 15 minutes once, I tried so many times that day and again today, it's kicked my butt, there no way I can access porn, tried everything, addministrator, everything, these people done a good job, maybe it's been updated since then but it is locked tight! I need to delete the program to access online porn. It rocks!
  16. Porn Free Wanderer

    Porn Free Wanderer Fapstronaut

    If it's working for you, then great. All I know is I've found a lot of holes in it. Besides, I'm now of the opinion we need to find ways that don't involve simple fixes like this. After all, the Internet is not the only source of porn out there.
  17. I have no issues in simple fixes. Why complicate things? At least with DVDs you only get to see 5 girls, not 300 in one sitting. Not that DVDs are acceptable, just saying.

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