NoFap Myth or Truth Experiment (Coution:Lengthy and true logs)

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How long did it take you to fully recover from porn?

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  1. Mad_Hermit

    Mad_Hermit Fapstronaut

    Dear All,

    To start with myself am 40 year old guy married with 4 kids who has been fapping to porn since medieval ages (for as long as I remember age 12 or 14). It is enlightened to me that it is an addiction due to following reasons:

    1. I look at porn at office and I got cought at 2 jobs.
    2. I look at porn every day several times a day.
    3. I am am always looking for deviant & bizarre to get and stay aroused.
    4. I prefer to be alone with porn rather than go out with friends often.
    5. I feel horny but do not stay aroused/erect for longer periods as with porn compared to non porn encounters (with my wife)

    These are some of the major indicators that I am addicted to Porn. Now the problems I have which I think and induced by excessive porn (according to the knowledge I gained from internet and my observation) are:

    1. Always in irritated/frustrated mood and get annoyed easily.
    2. Not able to concentrate on anything for a long time like watching season or doing any thing.
    3. Felling horny mentally but no real/hard erections while with women.
    4. Morning wood comes very rarely and that too short lived and a weaker.
    5. Have strong & prolonged erection with porn but not without it. (PIED)
    6. Can ejaculate with semi erect penis or at times kind of flaccid penis while edging to porn.
    7. Lack of concentration mostly and lack of interest in most things.
    8. Waste a huge amount of time while watching porn (its a no brainer).
    9. Low energy levels throughout the day and feeling lazy; and drowsy in morning ever after 8 to 9 hours of sleep.
    10. Does not feel Happy (from inside) do not have any purpose and confused as what I want.

    P.S. I have been doing prone masturbation (Just Stop doing it!); I have a bent Penis and never have had wet dream as long as I remeber.

    I have struggled to quit P&M multiple times and always relapsed sooner or later with longest period of absenteeism to maybe 2 months. However, this year I had a resolution to quit Porn for good but failed yet again like ever year for the more than a decade! but have decided to try it again starting from 1st November 2019 and write an account of it.

    I have read a lot about benefits of nofap and also watched many vlogs and on the contrary the notions that nofap is crap and have decided to experiment for myself and share my results with the community here.

    Thus I will be writing/updating this blog as often as possible and sharing my progress with you guys; thus I need all the encouragement and support of the community and prayers and help so I can change, we can change!
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  2. 4eyedfox

    4eyedfox Fapstronaut

    Stay Strong you can do it I believe in you!
  3. Mad_Hermit

    Mad_Hermit Fapstronaut

    Week # 01

    Here is the account of 1st week: To give you a headstart I quit after binge watching and edging on porn weekend long as I was away from home (Biggest trigger when yuo are alone!) so the whole week I did not have any urges as I assume I was pretty much low on testosterone.

    What I went through:
    1. Some morning wood on most days but was weak
    2. Mood swings, sometimes I felt good about everything and at times I feel I have no purpose.
    3. My wife made some moves on me (never happened in near past like atleast 06 months before) but I could not satisfy her as I had no lust/no libido or desire to have sex.

    What I did:

    1. Watch motivational vides of NoFap all week
    2. Remove the contacts of fitnes smodels and sexy models from my IG (a big trigger)
    3. Made some resolutons and trying to follow them: eat healthy, pray and read a lot.
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  4. Mad_Hermit

    Mad_Hermit Fapstronaut

    Thank You
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    SREENII Fapstronaut

    just for a many male kids you have?
  6. Mad_Hermit

    Mad_Hermit Fapstronaut

    03 of them by grace of Allah (whats the co relationtion? :) )
  7. Mad_Hermit

    Mad_Hermit Fapstronaut

    Week # 02

    Well the second week and flatline hits me, no libido no excitment and no urges too (thats puzzling me). Mostly kept myself busy with family and weeend I was away on business trip all alnoe but I did not resort to porn insted soem motivational youtube videos, good music, good food and reading kept me busy.
    Also I have developed thsi habbti fo stimulating my nipples and over time they are more sensitive and arouse me than touching my penis by hand(which does not do anythign to me by itself no excitement) so whenever I was nto watching porn I was fantasizign about filth (sex, porn) and was playing with my nipples also it was kind of stress reliever but I deliberately stoppe dmyself to do that for 2 weeks and beleive me it is so hard to do that even harder than restricting myself from watchign porn as I used to play with my nipples even during sex and asked my partner to stimulate them during sex.
    P.S. Any other peroson having same urges as to stimulation via nipples please share your experience.
  8. Mad_Hermit

    Mad_Hermit Fapstronaut

    Week # 03

    The flatline continues but towards the end of week I had intercourse with my wife (she came to me for it as I had no desire or any sexual urges) still I managed to orgasmed but it was difficult as I could not feel any sensation on my penis specially inside a wet vagina. I have been applying a mixture of vitamin e oil and shea butte ron my penis to rejuvinate its skin and also maybe help with my penis curvature as it may soften the scar tissue that bends my penis. I haves some morning wood its not rock hard but its there atleast. I feel mostly happy and less tired all day.
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  9. Mad_Hermit

    Mad_Hermit Fapstronaut

    Week # 04

    The flatline continues, but there is a reduction in brain fog, but I have noticed one thing that my brain in craving some sort of addiction and it has found in watching you tube (even though I watch mostly self help vlogs) and this hinders productivity. As a positie step thsi time I have shut down most of the triggers like unsubcribing the glamour/fitness models from Instagram and facebook and do not watch female bodybuilding/fitness motivation on you tube as well. My energy is coming back slowly and have mild morning wood. I had some urges this week with flashbacks of naked girls but I stoped from it. Also twice I was tryign to fantasize of hot sexy women havign sexual play with me and playing with my nipples but firstly I do nto have the sensitivity I had before and also I stopped the act (that was very difficult). I will start Gym from December though and I think that might help. So have to stop brain from all sorts of addiction. Need a dopamine detox I guess (I am serching over internet about it and might try it out).
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  10. Mad_Hermit

    Mad_Hermit Fapstronaut

    Week # 05

    Still facing mood swings and frustation when I am alone, have brain fog but there were also times during the week when I was busy with work and full of motivation and felt good. Had sex with my wife twice this week, ist time in the week I did nto enjoy it though but the second time was a blast with better overall erection but still had some delayed ejaculate. sensitivity to penis is coming back as I have been using a mixture of shea butter and vitamin E oil cream (selfmade) on penis.
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  11. Mad_Hermit

    Mad_Hermit Fapstronaut

    Week # 06

    Was a pretty normal week, stuggling in life dont know if its withdrawl syndrome or what! Brain was too foggy this week ad lacked focus. However found religion this week and been praying regularly which helped in nofap a lot.
  12. Mad_Hermit

    Mad_Hermit Fapstronaut

    Week # 07

    It was a pretty busy week and had no inclination nor time nor any opportunity for any self time. The was no urge of any sort but no libido as well. Basically Holidays and time spent with family and chores.
  13. Mad_Hermit

    Mad_Hermit Fapstronaut

    Week # 08

    Holidays continue but I have some mood swings wiht headaches for which I had to take some pain killers. Also felt frustated and wanted to watch porn to get easy at the same time was struggling and using will powe rnot to give in. I have joined a whatspp group of nofap ( a small group of like under 10 members) so as soon as I had urges went to chat room and interacted with people and that helped. (If there is any large nofap whats app group please let me know I want to join?)

    Physically have no libido and also tried to play with my nipples but they are not as sensitive when I used to fap (so this rewiring is in place doing its work I guess) but one major thing is that there is very decreased sensitivity on penis I mean no effect when I rub it or even my wife rubs it with her bare hands:(
    P.S. Any tips to increase penis sensitivity to reverse the effects of prone masturbation /death grip?
  14. Mad_Hermit

    Mad_Hermit Fapstronaut

    Week # 9, 10, 11, 12

    Was very busy with life so could not post much , but here are the highlights:

    Started Gym and it feels good
    Brain fog is reduced
    More conciouss about my moods and try to control them
    Spend more time with family
    Pray regularly daily (5times a day and recite Quran)
    Have some steamy / hot sex with wife every week almost and lately she is like, 'What happened to you?' - NOPAF happened to me love
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  15. Mad_Hermit

    Mad_Hermit Fapstronaut

    Week # 13, 14, 15

    Nothign much changes some busy weeks with work and International travel. The changes so far:

    Brain Fog is reduced
    There is less urge to watch porn
    Been into praying a lot
    Didnt go to gym (thats is bad)
    Have very satisfying sex with wife and no rection problem
    Do not have morning woods though and do not get hard to my own touch
    Feelings returning back to penis though and I can climax faster than before and enjoy it
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  16. wanttoprogress

    wanttoprogress Fapstronaut

    You are doing great Hermit! And are a motivation for us all. I have been away from Pmo for about 1.5 years (with 2 to 3 P-subs sadly) and was feeling erotic right now and was on the brink of doing something I would regret untill I read your post. You set me straight. Thanks.
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  17. Mad_Hermit

    Mad_Hermit Fapstronaut

    It is nice to read your post and I am happy I can make a small change in someones life for the positive
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  18. Mad_Hermit

    Mad_Hermit Fapstronaut

    Week # 16

    Its has been going great, Had sex with wife and it was fabulous and had great erection and enjoyed and great sensations in penis. However, no morning wood or erection to my touch. The urges are very weak now and dont feel like looking at porn any more and lust is vanishing. Been praying a lot more and that helps a lot.
  19. Mad_Hermit

    Mad_Hermit Fapstronaut

    Week # 17, 18, 19

    It has been busy life so could not update in time. The major findings changes so far are lsited below:
    • Reduced Brain fog
    • Do not feel drowsy in the afternoons
    • not going to Gym due to time restraints but do go to jog/walk most days of the week.
    • Hae great sex with wife
    • No morning wood still (I am worried)
    • Penis is still desensitized to touch or even blowjob
    • been pryign regularly it helps a lot
    • had weak moments and wen to instagram and even though unfollowed female accounts still had a peek on some pics in search options (So it can turn to PMO it si a serious trigger for me so will avoid it or mabe delete INstagram app; I use it to kill boredom sometimes so watch some funny memes and adult jokes and motivational quotes)
    • Do not have any option /method to have increased dopamine like I used to have while watching Porn. (need help guys for that; please suggest something)

    SREENII Fapstronaut

    s there any tips or secrets for getting a male child?

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