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Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Di.Do.555, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. Di.Do.555

    Di.Do.555 Fapstronaut

    I have followed nofap on fb but i think the group should be only for fb members who join and not public.
    I would like to comment but i can't due to the privacy settings set on public.
    Most people who support the NoFap like to remain anonymous.
    Am i wrong?
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  2. Hold it in

    Hold it in Fapstronaut

    You're not wrong. A couple of things I will never do on here is post pictures of myself, give away too much identifiable material on where I live, what I do for a living etc. If others share info like that cool but it's just not for me

    Sorry everyone. I'm remaining as anonymous as possible
  3. keepitinmybriefs

    keepitinmybriefs Fapstronaut

    I definitely would not join nofap on Facebook. I value my privacy about all of this.
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  4. Castielle

    Castielle Fapstronaut

    The point of nofap being on other social media platforms is to spread the word about the site to others, not to provide another place for members to chat. So I would think making it private would completely defeat the purpose.
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  5. keepitinmybriefs

    keepitinmybriefs Fapstronaut

    That's not the point. I'm not interested in publicly adding my name to a Nofap page on Facebook. This is important to me, and I want to discuss it with others who also find it important, but I don't really want to discuss it with my real life friends and family.
  6. Alexander

    Alexander Website Admin
    Staff Member

    I'll thinking about creating an official Facebook group that's private for people to join. Not today. But within the next couple of months. Thanks for the feedback.

    As @Castielle said, the Facebook page is about spreading awareness of the website. It is intended for people who do not mind publicly showing that they support us.
  7. Castielle

    Castielle Fapstronaut

    It is the point, though. Alexander just said it is the point of the Facebook page.

    If you aren't comfortable being public about supporting nofap, that's fine, but I just don't really see the point in wanting to privately show your support for nofap on Facebook. You're already privately showing that support here. The point of the other social media platforms is reaching out to others, so private support doesn't really do anything to accomplish that.

    Idk, maybe I'm not getting it, but I don't really see what the point would be in making the Facebook page private. We already have a private community here.
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  8. Castielle

    Castielle Fapstronaut

    If you want to support it, but don't want your friends and family to see, maybe make an anonymous Facebook account or something?
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  9. IAmLegion

    IAmLegion Fapstronaut

    I'm following the group quite openly on fb. Everyone I interact with, except my parents, knows I'm deep in the nofap mindset. I find it quite liberating tbh; if someone tries to embarass me for it, I ask them to list a bigger achievement in their life than the ones I've made. Shuts them right up.

    Privacy or not, never feel shame for associating yourself with something like nofap. It shows you have the balls to stand up against convention, and the muscle to back it up. Fuck the world. It's not particularly perfect the way it currently is anyway.
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  10. Di.Do.555

    Di.Do.555 Fapstronaut

    it is not about support. it is about feeling a member of a tribe. FB gives it another dimension.
  11. Castielle

    Castielle Fapstronaut

    Okay. I just think this is kind of silly, personally, but you're free to feel that way. I recognize that the point of making social media platforms to advertise your forums is... to advertise them. To outsiders. Making them private would defeat the entire purpose. It's a business decision. I don't really see why people need another place to speak anonymously about nofap, when you're already here, on the anonymous forums.

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