Nofap or edging: What is best to cure premature ejaculation?

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by BecamingBest, Jun 13, 2020.

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    I started nofap because I have premature ejaculation, I have tried many techniques but none have worked. I'm currently NoFap and today it's 60 days since I started on this journey. However, even after 2 months, I still have doubts if nofap will help me solve this problem, taking into account that I heard rumors from other people that in their case, nofap made PE worse. I think I have PE because I masturbated for many years with the help of pornography most of the time, and always with the intention of ejaculating as quickly as possible.

    Do you think edging would be a good technique to help overcome PE? Do you think I should continue on nofap?
  2. skibum71

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    Probably not a popular opinion here, but I really don't see how nofap cures PE. PE is caused by several things, mostly anxiety, but also extreme over sensitivity of the penis head. Now, if you receive some stimulus, every so often, and you have issues, totally removing that stimulus is only going to increase the sensitivity, leading to worse pe. Imagine 2 peopleepeople sensitive to light. One person goes outside for 10 mins a day, the other sits in darkness 24/7. How the hell is the 2nd person even gonna get used to the light?
    For thistthis reason, I think edging, to fantasies, is absolutely more helpful than nofap. I was, still am I suppose (except I'm seeing escorts!!) on nofap and when I relasped boy was it over quickly. But that's what not touching your dick for months on end does.
    Good luck!
  3. ewerson18

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    Try doing a strong reverse kegel.

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