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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by F328, Jul 1, 2019.

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    Day 8 of NoFap I need help about where to go from. Now ...I failed at staying away from porn due to unable to get myself out of a crappy state of mind felt sorry for myself and caved in to watching porn , didn’t fap because I know how crappy it feels to have no energy even tho I didn’t sleep well I still feel like a winner because I didn’t fap any way is this day zero again ? Because starting over feels crap , and unrealistic life is meant to face failure in order to learn I don’t even think I get failure just more information on how to suceeede so I don’t want to start from day zero because I’ve had 8 days of tracking my every move I realized I when I feel crappy I wanna watch porn no matter what I am feel crappy about nothing but now I have another thing to feel crap about if I start over I think I can continue as to day 9 as long as I didn’t fap fapping does screw me up I feel crap because I have no energy and no sex either the real issue here is not the porn but that I can’t get a Handel on my feelings thoughts or emotions and that’s what’s making me want to fap and escape in porn web cams and that is a win just realizing that’s the problem

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