NoFap Ramadan

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Are you in?

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  1. TheGoldenEra

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    Welcome to the threads. May Allah make it easy for you and be sure to keep coming back! Stay strong bro
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  2. Count me in! I live in a place where I have to fast for 20 hours so PMO isn't an option for me and I really don't want to pay kaffarah for breaking my fast on sin. May Allah make fasting easier for you guys and reward you for your good deeds on this holy month of Ramadan!
  3. I am a non muslim but i have always looked upto the teachings and sayings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) whenever i have faced difficulties in my life. I have always loved to study islam..the obedience, the discipline, thr love, i just love it. We all know that as PMO is a major haram in most of the wordly religions in the world, there is something really devil in this which have destroyed us since ages. I hope everyone gets their self respect back in this holy month of Ramadan. I will be a newbie to this challenge. Happy Ramadan everybody :)
  4. May Allah guide your path in seeking Islam, mate. Learn Al-Qur'an and Sunnah on the Salaf's way.
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  5. TheGoldenEra

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    Does it really matter which sunnah he follows? Just curious, I thought anyone of the 4 imams is good. As there are no deviant teachings there.
  6. Alk346

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    InshaAllah, definitely. It feels like time is going by quickly.
  7. Sunnah is Manhaj, Sunnah is Deen itself, Sunnah is Islam
  8. You said, "Which Sunnah"??? How many sunnah do we know, sir? Ofcourse Sunnah Rasulillah shallallahu 'alayhi wasallam.
  9. That's why we are called as Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama'ah because we follow the sunnah of Rasul, Shohabah, Tabi'in, Tabi'ut Tabi'in, and Imaams and 'Ulamaas after them. Be careful of the heretic sects such as Khawarij , Mu'tazilah, Murji'ah, Liberalism , ISIS / Al-Qaeda, those are Ahlul Bid'ah wad Dholaal
  10. Always stand together with ulama kibar as Rasulullah said, "البراكة مع أكابركم" (Al-Barokah / goodness is with ulama kibar (high scholars) among you).
    I will give you the examples of ulama kibar in this era:
    1. Shaikh Rabee' ibn Hadi Al-Madkhali
    2. Shaikh Salih Al-Fawzan
    3. Shaikh Muhammad Ruslan Al-Misri (egypt)
    4. Shaikh Sulayman Ar-Ruhayli
    5. Shaykh Osama ibn Su'ud Al-Amree
    6. Shaikh Abdullah Al-Bukhari
    7. Shaikh 'Ubaid Al-Jabiri
  11. TheGoldenEra

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    Apologies, mixed this up with Shafi. You know the 4 school of thoughts, Hanafi, shafi, Maliki and Hanabli. Sorry for the inconvenience and misunderstanding brother. Truly.

  12. They are imaams fil madzhaab was sunnah رحمه الله تعالى.
    I like studying Shafi'i's Kitaab such as Mataan Al-Ghoyaah wat-Taqriib authored by Shaikh Abu Shujaa' رحمه الله. It's a very good book to learn fiqih. There is discussed about the issue of having sex during fasting in Ramadan...
  13. Today check in. Clear!
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  14. Let's light our hearts

    Let's light our hearts Fapstronaut

    Alhamdulillah, Great job, one week of NoFap! Soon, we'll be here to celebrate a whole clean month, inshallah.. Keep it up guys!
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  15. Someone should sacrifice buffaloes so that we can celebrate for 'Eid
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  16. اتق الله يا أخي
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  17. TheGoldenEra

    TheGoldenEra Distinguished Fapstronaut

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I heard of you ejaculate you must make the fast up as it gets broken
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  18. kilometrico

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    happy fasting guys,

    may 30 days of streak is much easier for us!
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  19. TheGoldenEra

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  20. Yeah, you would have to feed 60 poor people at a rate of £5 per person (the cost of an average meal in the UK) = £300! :eek:
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