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    Hi men , hope you're all well.

    I just want to start by saying that masturbation ruined alot of my life , it started when just a child.

    I discovered masturbation though just rubbing against myself while watching naked women on TV and got this feeling of utter drug induced feeling of heaven ( this was when i was 11 years old ) , I wasn't aware of it at the time because I assumed I merely urinated on myself though excitement.

    It was only when I got excited while having a hot bath that I discovered it was semen , initially I thought this wasn't a good thing to do ...... oh how do I wish I listened to my instincts.

    As the years went by and I became a chronic mastabator I began to deteriorate psychologically and physically , Ideveloped OCD ( I have been though tragic incidents in my life , which I won't get into , I hope you gentlemen understand ) and begin getting into fights

    I became ackward with women ( in which when I was just 10 I had this magnetism with women , they would just be over me , than again every woman would be like that towards a cute kid , who knows )

    As the years went by I dropped out of school ( anxiety issues ) i became isolated from everyone because I felt so insecure of myself.

    I had suicadal ideation and attempted to end my life 3 to 4 times.

    At 28 after years of torment and self loathing I stumbled into something known as NoFap , at first I thought it was bullshit , but as of now in which today is my 5 months of not masturbating I have once again hit the gym , lost 2 and a half stones ( 35 pounds my American brothers ) and have started an accounting course.

    My friends , am 29 years old , i have no qualifications ( however I am studying to become an accountant ) , but am here to tell you as am writing this , though all the wasted years , the suffering , the self loathing I for once in almost 20 years feel hope for the future once again ..... Am here to tell you masturbation is nothing but a drug that will destroy you , never do it , it mentally and physically destroyed me , don't let it do the same to you.

    Take care brothers and god bless.
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  2. A nu start

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    Good work. You should be very proud of your efforts and now just keep doing what you've been doing.
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  3. NeverGoingBackThere

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    Thank you brother , I appreciate your kind words , god bless.
  4. Good. Keep it up . Fight this addiction with all at all times!

    God bless.
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  5. NeverGoingBackThere

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    Thank you brother , god bless you too.
  6. Pledge_Fighter

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    It is about time, you deserve freedom!
  7. NeverGoingBackThere

    NeverGoingBackThere Fapstronaut

    Thank you brother , yes I feel hopeful again ( like when I was a kid , before the drug took hold of me )

    Never ever look at porn or anything like that , feel like I got a future again , god bless.

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