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Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by RamboErecto, Jan 20, 2019.

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    Hey everyone, this is ErectRambo here and Im an addict.

    Just started this NoFap thing a couple of months ago, and after a few relapses here and there I just get a level of discipline that makes me happy and keep me focus on the battle.

    Definitely this place is changing a lot of people, and will keep helping not only with PMO addiction, but with sexuality issues in general.

    You even thought that there is full of people that talks other languages but not english? im very lucky to be kinda bilingual so i joined the forum and started my rehab despite my native language.

    But not all people are that lucky, and the world is full of addicts that dont even know about this site. If they find it, they will not join a comunity that they cannot understand.

    I want you guys to evaluate the idea of having specific forums for all the languages.

    Look, i dont want to spam, but theres this game that i played long time ago, and in their forums they have forum for all the languages in the world, here i left the link of their forums so you can check how they manage to keep players for all the world, despite of being an asian game.

    Check in the very end of the page:

    Have forums for all the languages can be a big step for this community.

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  2. I agree. There is a point where English speakers will not be able to help everyone else due to a language barrier.
  3. RamboErecto

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    So y just saw that you are testing International language forums.

    So, thank you for hear my suggestion.
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    Hola en este lugar, pero en el foro de español, (no en el post) estoy loggeado y aún me dice "usted tiene derechos insuficiente para comentar" . Saben a qué se debe? Gracias

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