NoFap starves the penis of oxygen and blood

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Bandido, Jun 20, 2021.

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    Think about it. The penis is an organ, it has tissues inside. It requires oxygen and blood. This is why you get morning erections while you sleep, this is a way for the body to oxygenate the penis, but the nerves travelling from your brain to the penis also need activity.

    This is why your penis shrinks and your libido goes away on NoFap. People accept the penis becoming smaller as part of flatline, yet nobody even tries to understand why this happens. This is a physical reaction to a physical change. You reduced/cut out the amount of oxygen, blood, nerve activity to the penis.

    The result? The penis becomes less efficient at erections, and that's exactly what happens on flatline. People can be on this flatline for weeks, months, if not years.

    Ironically, when they claim to "be out of it" or finally be cured, how do they come out of it? With either sex or masturbation, once again giving the brain and body what it needed, oxygen and blood to the penis and activity to nerves. Porn is irrelevant.

    People would argue, if that's the case, morning woods keep your penis oxygenated, if that was the case, then how come a lot if not most people who go on NoFap for weeks, months, they lose morning erection, and if this was the case, if the penis was properly oxygenated with just morning erections, then it wouldn't shrink on fap as it happens to most people who go on it.

    "Regular sexual activity preserves potency in a similar fashion as physical exercise maintains functional capacity,"

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  2. This is what I tell myself as I continue to edge and constantly check to make sure everything is still working. :rolleyes:
    My experience: lots of nocturnal and morning wood and really strong erections.
    However, I've lost the ability to resist ejaculation like I used to (some PE and involuntary emissions) and my erect penis is about 1/2 an inch shorter than it used to be.
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  3. Bandido

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    that's only the first few days after stopping masturbation I've experienced the same, I think is your body asking you to keep the activity, but if you don't, then it goes into flatline

    people seem to think the penis is different than other organs

    if morning woods was enough to keep the penis in top shape and oxygenated, why does it shrink on nofap then?

    Not to mention, morning woods are caused by testosterone, not penis/brain arousal, by doing nofap, you're literally making your penis and brain become further apart, less efficient at getting erected from arousal and this is exactly what happens on nofap

    people become depressed, anxious (because they have no release of sexual tension) and their libido goes to shit and their penis seem to die

    Porn may be the problem that changed your expectations and the way you see women, but masturbation never was a problem.

    by never masturbating again or having any sexual release, you're actually training your brain and body at becoming less efficient at arousal erections and sex.
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  4. Christoph108

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    Rebooting = Abstaining from P, PM or PMO for a period of time to fix your porn addiction.
    No need to worry about any damage to your genitals
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  5. Bandido

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    and yet you are here keeping with your internet addiction
  6. Christoph108

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    @Bandido Why not use the addiction to this forum against porn addiction? Porn releases much more dopamine
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  7. Not everyone gets a flatline. I didn't, even though I had PIED. Don't be too jealous though, I had mood swings instead.

    I think the argument in this thread is a bit like "I feel like crap when I stop taking heroin, therefore heroin is good."

    But yeah I guess all this flatline stuff must be confusing if you suffer from it.
  8. Bandido

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    Almost 90-95% gets flatline eventually so what does this tell you? Its a physical reaction, I have yet to see any explanation by the nofap crew as to why the penis shrinks how the hell is it a good thing?

    they come with answers out their own ass like healing recovery etc bullshit lol why would the penis shrink and become dead as soon as you stop using it

    isn’t this similar when you stop using a muscle or organ what happens to it? it shrinks and loses functionality, what happens to people who are on wheelchairs? Their legs shrink and become weak

    Every single doctor and urologist has told me that the reason why this happens is because the penis is no longer oxygenated and received blood as before therefore it shrinks

    not to mention whether you get morning woods is irrelevant because these are not caused by arousal

    by nofap for a long time you’re liters teaching your brain to become less efficient at arousal erections and this is exactly what happens on flatline

    how do people get out of flatline ironically by the very one thing they avoided all this time, sexual action, either masturbation alone, sex or masturbation to porn

    porn is irrelevant and has nothing to do with the flatline

    the explanation by the nofap crew is porn and masturbation cause erection issues and the reason why is more common in young men is because of porn

    it was always common simply the internet and sites like this and reddit allowed people to open up under anonymity whereas back in the day people kept it a secret
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    sounds like someone can not miss a half inch, but all jokes a side. This is total bs you know you are out of the flatline, when you get that morning wood when women are on you mind again. I did not have a problem with shrinkage even better your erections are like rocks. Sounds like you are just making excuses, but I can be wrong I aint no scientist.
  10. Some say that flatlines are really Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS).
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  11. I think you may be confused with what flatline is. I never had it most likely because I never fapped off to porn much. My problem was and is masturbating occasionally and not achieving semen retention goals. So when I abstain for a time my erections don’t get weaker and my penis does not get smaller. I think that flatline is more an issue when you have an overstimulation of the sexual system through overuse of masturbation and porn use and then you quit and your body goes a bit haywire and had to readjust
  12. Not even gonna destroy this guy. He wouldn't know a scientific research paper if it crawled up his ass.

    Also, wtf is
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  13. Melkhiresa

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    What does this have to do with anything?
  14. ZombieMan

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    Its literally temporary. After you've recovered you can go back to excersing your penis. I don't understand what your trying to argue here. This website is against porn addiction not penis size. And not being stimulated is the fastest way of recovering.
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  15. blademaster87

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    That's kinda of the idea... I could use some shrinkage, my guy was taking over my life, sometimes I felt he was getting even bigger than myself (taking up all the oxygen). Have you never realized that the old thinkers (greek gods) valued a small package (like shown in their statues)? The small penis was a symbol of moderation and control over one's animal instincts. On the other side, animalistic and wild religions would worship giant dicks. If it shrinks a bit it doesn't mean it goes broken, just more reserved... It goes back to "normal" with activity.
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