NoFap still needs your financial support, now more than ever

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  1. The short version: NoFap, as it runs right now, is not sustainable. NoFap needs your financial support to survive. If you can afford $10 per month for some perks, click here to access your account upgrades page.

    Current Goal:

    26 / 50 subscriptions.
    Click here to sign up.

    I remember when I made this post, I was hesitant. I had no idea what the community would think about me reaching out and asking for help.

    What happened? Overwhelmingly, the community was very supportive. Not only did we start raising about $1000 per month for NoFap expenses, but my notifications and inbox because flooded with supportive messages. It did feel amazing, as running the site has an exceptional burden while at the same time an incredibly gratifying experience in my life.

    So where are we at now? I am still paying out-of-pocket for NoFap’s expenses, but not by much. I could probably get away with no out-of-pocket spending if certain things are cut, but I choose to by choice since I want to see the website improve and help more people.

    Every dollar the site brings in goes towards paying our hosting costs and other expenses. If we meet our expenses, money will be reinvested back into improving the website.

    What kind of stuff does NoFap need money for?
    NoFap needs money for everything that we do, for the most part. The network brings in one million unique visitors per month, which in a niche, is an insanely high amount of traffic to handle.

    Since it is only myself and other volunteers managing everything, it is important that we have the best tools available that allow us to be as effective with our time as possible.

    Google Apps for Business and FrontApp allow us to handle the ridiculous amount of email that we get. Multiple servers keep our website online (4 different servers, in fact). There are associated legal expenses, web development costs, graphic design, web design, an accountant once per year, bookkeeping software. This isn’t even mentioning non-required expenses such as those associated with the television show that we filmed, equipment for recording podcasts and videos, travel for NoFap-related things, emergency development to deal with hacking / DDOS, etc. Right now we spend under $2000 per month, which is a pretty low amount for how much traffic we get and the impact we're having on the world.

    What does monetization do?

    Premium is good for those who subscribe. We are offering a number of perks (listed below) to make those who chose to make the financial sacrifice to help the world, also are applying that sacrifice to help themselves. Additionally, making this sacrifice makes your commitment a little bit more tangible.

    NoFap Premium doesn't only help the users who are subscribed, but make NoFap better for the entire user base. For example, Premium is the only reason our new redesign was possible. Despite only a small % of the community subscribing, everybody gets to reap the rewards of a much better professionally-designed user experience. We are interviewing Dr. Todd Love this month, sending him a professional-grade microphone, and releasing the content for you guys and the world to consume for free. So although not everybody can afford or has the desire to subscribe to Premium, all users of the site received tangible benefit of its existence.

    Not many people might remember this, but there was a time when NoFap’s servers caused delays and loading errors. Your subscriptions allowed for us to continually scale up resources as traffic increases.

    Premium is good for me. I can’t bear the weight of all of this on my shoulders alone. As explained in the other thread, I have experienced significant personal detriment because of all of the requirements of upkeeping NoFap. If I can delegate some things to people (web development, for example), I can easier invest some time and energy into myself - exercise, sleep, eating well, etc, which will in turn make me more effective in my work here.

    Premium is good for the world. The world needs NoFap, and if NoFap is financially sustainable, more and more people will be exposed to it and its messages. Ultimately, the better NoFap is, the better we are equipped to help the highest # of people possible.

    NoFap Premium

    You can pledge 10 or 20 dollars per month for NoFap expenses on your user upgrades page. At this time, there are no additional perks for contributing 20 instead of 10 dollars - it is up to you and your financial situation.

    Although we need "only" 0.037% of the community to sign up to break even on expenses, YOUR single subscription means a lot - you can't rely on the community pulling your weight because believe me, most people reading this will not make the choice and sacrifice to sign up.

    As of right now, only 0.2% of the community is helping bear the costs. I don't blame them for it, 10 dollars a month is a lot to ask for, especially in the beginning stages where we don't as much we can offer in exchange. I understand that. Every sign-up counts and I urge you to make the leap if you are financially secure enough to consider it.

    This isn't like voting in an election: in this case, your support truly counts and you can't rely on other Fapstronauts to pick up the tab on this. If you can afford it, we need YOUR support.

    Unfortunately, bolstering the Premium perks costs both time and money (which we lack both of), so we can’t really offer you very much in exchange for your money right now. However, as the site grows, we will be increasing perks in the future.

    This will be an ongoing project and I want to provide you as much value for your money as possible. This is open to suggestions, so please tell me what you would like to see.

    NoFap Premium Perks

    Join my personal accountability group. We will be meeting every week through the power of the internet. Software TBA but a link will be sent out to your email every week. Get some interaction in-person with the amazingly mediocre founder of NoFap itself (ha!). I’ll be hosting a regular accountability group online, providing some guidance to the discussion. Additionally, I’ll probably be bringing in some special guests on occasion, experts in the porn-recovery industry, to provide their feedback.

    The first group of people who support NoFap financially will have the option of displaying a special recognition that lasts forever. This will be called founder flair, which isn’t actually implemented yet, but will last for the life of NoFap. You'll be immortalized on NoFap's website forever for helping us establish sustainability.

    Your username will appear in a distinguished color, and you’ll get a spiffy icon underneath your username as a badge of your dedication. This feature is optional, as some users would prefer to remain anonymous.

    Premium subscribers won’t see advertising. We will be displaying highly-relevant and screened ads (not from networks) to users to help offset the costs associated with running one of the largest porn-recovery websites. For Premium subscribers, we will not be displaying any of this advertising.

    Premium subscribers will get access to our live chat room. Chat with other premium members and the moderation team in NoFap’s exclusive live chatbox! The chatbox is an excellent way to connect with your fellow Fapstronauts for encouragement and support. Additionally, the chatbox provides an excellent means of support when you are in danger of relapse. We're currently rolling this out only to moderators and Premium supporters until the site is sustainable, then we might be able to afford servers to roll this out to everybody.

    There will be many more perks to come, we’re only getting started. We have some big plans, including providing additional accountability for our monthly challenges.
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  2. There are other ways to support NoFap.

    Submit a one-time Payment
    If you would like to make a one-time payment, we have a PayPal button on our donation page. However, I do prefer the security of knowing money will be there the following month because many of our expenses are recurring.

    Mail us
    As per request, we can now accept well-concealed cash, checks, money orders, etc via traditional mail at the new P.O. box.

    NoFap LLC
    P. O. Box 81015
    Pittsburgh, PA 15217​

    Please make out any check or money order to “NoFap LLC”

    Why are you reposting this?

    Lately, just as many people have been unsubscribing as those who subscribe. So we haven't gained any ground for over two months.

    Also, the site is still not sustainable. Financially, it is almost cutting it, but not quite. But we still need to raise our budget to get some help because the website isn't necessarily energy-sustainable. It needs to be monetized further to survive and thrive.

    As costs increase, we will add more Premium features, and continue to market it because it isn't like NoFap will stop needing money all of a sudden.

    What if I can't afford 10 dollars?
    Keep it and use that money to improve your own life. Then come back here and subscribe whenever you can afford 10 per month. Also we can take smaller contributions on our donate page.

    Doesn't this favor people who live in countries with stronger currencies, or users who have money?
    Maybe. But financial realities exist. Before principal and morality, we have to meet our costs. It is just how things are, websites cost money to operate. Sorry if you feel like this lowers the experience of using the website, but I cannot afford to bear all of the weight on my own shoulders any longer.
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  3. Old post for context:

    Every week, since 2011, I have put dozens of hours per week into NoFap, doing my best to help people quit porn on a non-commercialized platform (reddit, then In the past two years, I have significantly increased this time commitment to well over 40 hours per week. I live and breathe NoFap because I know that it is the best thing that I could do for humanity right now.

    Until very recently, I refused to seriously listen to any reasoning on why I should monetize it or take any money in exchange for my work. I wouldn't do ads, I wouldn't sell merchandise, I wouldn't do anything. I was flat out against it, and had many offers coming in which I refused every one of.

    But then everything started getting a bit too crazy. My responsibilities running the site (both our subreddit and homepage here at increased as it got more popular. Currently, I am paying for the entire show out of pocket. Because I am super passionate about porn-recovery and know that it positively impacts the world, I am completely happy and willing to lay down over $1000 per month (often more) to improve NoFap.

    I strongly value life experience and helping people over cash. Let me emphasize this more, I really, really, really do not care much about money. I am a very frugal person. If I buy any new clothing at all, you'll find me at a thrift store (or if I am feeling very fancy, getting a 6 dollar shirt at Target). I do not own a car and bike or walk everywhere. I have no real financial aspirations outside of being able to afford food, health care, and frugal comforts. Any extra cash that I come across I always immediately dump into maintaining, growing, and improving NoFap.

    So yeah, things are getting crazy. My workload was nuts with a 40 hour a week job (plus commuting, meal break, etc - so more like 50+ hours per week) and NoFap. I have more recently probably been working on NoFap over 40-50 hours a week, although it is hard to gauge. It isn't just a forum - there is a website, a subreddit, a phone app, day counter system, press, writing, etc. The point is ... my NoFap responsibilities were preventing me from living a fulfilling and healthy life. It is surprising the number of fires I have to put out on a daily basis, all while getting bombarded with all sorts of inquiries and requests (user upgrades, help finding participants for studies, etc). I hardly sleep and have been feeling quite zombieish lately.

    NoFap wasn't being improved, rather I was spending all of my time putting out fires on the website instead of improving it. I brought on many volunteers, but it is definitely hard to find good volunteers that stick around for a long time and are reliable. Managing a team of over 20 volunteers is a job itself Thank you so much to the amazing moderation team here, this wouldn’t be possible without their work. Also thank you to the many other volunteers who help keep our subreddit and other facets afloat.

    So at this point I realize that something had to give. I still never made a dime off of it but was spending ALL of my time working on NoFap (weekends and nights), along with a ton of money. Either I would work myself to death, or NoFap would just never grow because I wouldn't have the time and/or money to improve the website. This was the point where I figured out that I couldn't do it completely out of pocket forever, otherwise it just wouldn't be sustainable. If I died today, this website would likely die or at least come close to it. If the porn industry decided it was time to launch a massive DDOS attack against us, we wouldn't be able to afford the tools and services required to fend it off. And that is no way to operate.

    It needs to be financially self-sustaining. More than anything, it needs to be able to improve and grow. People out there need NoFap. And the community needs NoFap to improve and provide better tools to give Fapstronauts the best chance possible at successfully rebooting. If we can make this happen, we'll level up humanity. But I need your money to make that happen.

    So with this I invite you to help me bear the load of the significant ongoing expenses associated with running NoFap.

    Please feel free to provide any feedback about this. I really am operating out of the best interest of humanity, and I hope you'll understand me making this difficult decision. I almost feel bad about asking for money (and old me would have been mortified), but it needed to happen. NoFap NEEDS money - it simply cannot go on without any income, and we need over 150 people to sign up for Premium to break even on how much I put into the site every month. If this doesn't work out, we'll need to explore other monetization methods such as heavier advertising, some of which might hurt the user experience of the website, which I would strongly prefer to avoid.

    Right now setting the next goal is 50 more sign-ups, which will then be increased as our costs increase.

    However, if this campaign is wildly successful, the sky is the limit. Imagine a live chat room, a much better user interface, fast servers, and the ability to develop software tools to better equip you to fight PMO. Remember, every cent of these subscriptions will be going right back into the website. Every time a Fapstronaut signs up, the better that NoFap will become.

    Thank You

    Thank you for your time reading this. Thank you for your consideration. Regardless of the success of this new initiative, I couldn't thank all of you enough for being the most supportive community on the internet. You are the reason I work so hard every day. Without you, NoFap would be nothing. So thank you so much. We're changing the world together. Regardless of anything at all I will find a way to keep the train going (hosting banner ads and stuff, I suppose) and will not stop working my butt off to improve NoFap and spread the message that PMO is harmful.
  4. JoeinMD

    JoeinMD Fapstronaut

    Alex, if I already have a $10 subscription and want to upgrade further to $20, how do I do that? Do I choose a $20 subscription, or will this add up to $30 (10 + 20)?
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  5. Hey there, thanks for the interest! You can cancel your current subscription on the Upgrades page. Your Premium status will remain for the rest of the month. Once it expires, you can resubscribe at the higher level.
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  6. Septimus

    Septimus Fapstronaut

    I was glad to sign up. This site has made a huge, positive difference in my life.

    Anyone who has had help from this site? Please consider giving something back.
  7. Johnny222

    Johnny222 Fapstronaut

    Hey, @alexander. First off I appreciate your hard work, along with the other staff members, for creating NoFap and helping make it succeed. I joined this site almost 2 months ago. I'm 17 years old, almost 18. I struggled with PMO addiction from ages 14-16. I fell into society's destructive path that says, "everybody does it, it's normal". I became fully addicted and my life was a living hell during those time periods. I've been clean for a while but almost relapsed over the summer so I joined NoFap. I found it a blessing and a tremendous help.

    I am 17 years old and even though I have a part time job on the weekends, I have a limited amount of money and my parents monitor my account very carefully. I would love to subscribe, but I don't think I'm able to at this point. However, I will try to donate some spare cash or maybe a check or something when I'm able because I do want to see this website survive. I love being able to get advice from others, and I love being able to give advice to others and help others struggling.

    Please let me know how I should send cash if I can. How to send it the correct way. I hope you understand that this is all I can try to do at this time.
  8. IGY

    IGY Guest

    @Johnny222 - here is the bit you need. :)
  9. Yup. Put your username in there too and I'll be sure to apply Premium status to your account. Thanks!
  10. Fappernator

    Fappernator Fapstronaut

    Dude it makes perfect sense to monetise this! Place ads, create merchandise, with a million uniques visitors a month you will get compensated greatly for you could always do a compulsive $2-5 a month subscription that way it's cheap for everyone and YOU make money. People would have no excuse to spare $2-5 a month, that's cheap
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  11. Septimus

    Septimus Fapstronaut


    I agree with Fappernator: it would be entirely fair for you to monetize the site with ads, etc. Nobody likes ads, but I would totally understand.
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  12. Johnny222

    Johnny222 Fapstronaut

    As long as the ads are not gonna be triggering I'm fine with that idea!
  13. We had about 5 new people sign up, thank you!

    Ads pay peanuts. And we're so restricted based on our niche that we have to be very particular and avoid ad networks because of triggers. It isn't like ads are going to be the solution to sustainability alone, but hopefully they'll help a little bit.
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  14. Fappernator

    Fappernator Fapstronaut

    With a million views a month ads should pay great but then with your niche I'm not sure how it works
  15. How does it work for those outside US? I'm considering subscribing but don't want the bank taking a disproportionate amount in minimum transfer fees.
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  16. Once again, thank you all for giving of your time and your resources to support NoFap. We couldn't be doing what we are doing without you. I'd like to add to what Alex wrote with three reasons of my own for supporting NoFap:

    An investment in NoFap is an investment in today's children and the future of humanity. I have told many of you of my brother's son, my nephew, who is now 9 months old. My brother honored me with the request to be his godfather and I have been blessed to be able to see him many time since he was born. He's got his first two teeth, and he is almost crawling!

    When I look at him, I wonder what kind of man he will when he grows up. What kinds of jobs he will work at, what he will study in college, will he play soccer in elementary school, what will his hobbies? Will he be a Cleveland Indians fan or a Chicago Cubs fan? Will he like football at all or, like me, will grow up with a passion for soccer. What kinds of girls will he date? What kinds of grades will he get? What sort of topics will he be interested in? Part of the joy of watching him grow up is the ability to see all of these questions answered incrementally. But most of all I wonder what kinds of things will move his soul? Will that soul, now encased in an infants body, be raptured by the beautiful edifices of philosophy? Will that soul moves others to tears and exclamations as it strides about the stage in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet? Will that soul perhaps be moved by great compassion and conceive of a life given in service to the poor, to immigrants, refugees and the homeless? Or will that soul find paradise in black earth, a handful of seeds, and the sharp, earthy aroma of growing things?

    Of course I want only the best for him. But at times a thought enters my mind, my breath catches and my heart stops. What if instead of finding happiness on this earth my little nephew only finds misery? What if he, like me, wastes his youth in a virulent addiction to pornography? What if his lust for life is destroyed by a lust for female flesh? What if his visions, his dreams, crumble to nothing because of his compulsive use of pornography? I'm tortured that something like this might come to pass and my beautiful nephew will end up being a twisted version of himself, a conquered land, a slave, a serf of PMO.

    Of course I will be there for him. I can tell him about the dangers of pornography. I can warn him about what might happen if he continues looking up those websites. But that is because I myself found NoFap. I myself read all those articles about the mechanisms of porn addiction. I myself educated myself about the realities of the porn industry and what it does to the performer's in the movies. Not every child will have someone close to them to tell them about the harms of PMO. Not every child will have someone to tell them that society's view of the harmlessness of pornography is not correct. Not every child will have someone to warn them that their daily PMO habit may be the reason they are doing badly in school, are shy, socially underdeveloped and have a hard time concentrating. And when the child is old enough to have sex, not ever child will have someone to tell them that their inability to get aroused during sex may be because of their PMO habit.

    That's why a website like NoFap is important. With the same internet connection that that child uses to look up porn, he/she can also find her way to a website like NoFap. He/she can learn about the Cooledge effect, about escalation, Delta Fos B, and the symptoms of regular pornography use. He/she can choose to reboot, to cleanse his/her mind from sexual images, to start seeing the opposite sex for who they really are. He/she can recover from his/her porn induced sexual dysfunctions, find motivation, turn his/her life around, and perhaps even change the world. I wonder how many Elon Musks, how many J.K. Rowlings are out there in the world with a vision to make the world a better place, but no motivation to make it happen due to PMO? We all have unique gifts and talents and to be able to use them to our fullest extent, PMO cannot be a part of our lives.

    Humanity is faced with many challenges today, and it is our children and our children's children who will have to deal with them, even more so than us. Global warming, the end of cheap oil, the ever widening gap between poor and rich: meeting these challenges will take ingenuity, creativity and, in many cases, a strong, indomitable will. But how are our children to meet the challenges of tomorrow when all their talents and inner resources are being wasted and subverted by a pornography addiction? We are selling our children short when we tell them that pornography is harmless. We are not preparing them for their own futures. But with NoFap we can help mitigate the harm that pornography is doing worldwide to young folk everywhere. Because every dollar you give us is a dollar we can spend making this website better, getting the word out, educating the world about the harm inherent in pornography. And as the story gets out there, more and more young men and women will hear about an alternative to the pervasive myth of the healthiness of pornographic consumption. That's ultimately what we are about: to give people another option, to say to them "There is a better way, you do not have to consume pornography just because everyone else is." Discourse about pornography has been monologized. Children don't often realize there are alternatives to thinking of pornography as just another harmless fact of life. Well, we are here to tell them about that alternative: staying away from pornography altogether.

    NoFap Premium will help us get the word out.

    Right now NoFap is investing all its money in basic maintenance. That's all we can do now until NoFap becomes monetized. The website of course is a great resource, but there is so much more we can do. And we'd like to do it. We'd like to get the word out about the harms of regular pornography consumption. We'd like to sponsor scientific studies, write articles, make documentaries. We'd like to challenge countries to adopt stricter regulations when it comes to pornography, we'd like to educate parents about the best ways to keep their children from PMO, we'd like to support SOs who are struggling to understand why their loved one cannot just stop. To do this requires money, of course, money that we first need to free up from basic operating costs. Every dollar you give us helps break the silence. Every dollar you sacrafices helps shift the culture a little bit towards that day when the harmful effects of pornography will be common knowledge. But to make that day appear, we need your support.

    NoFap Premium will help make you extraordinary.

    I don't know about you, but whenever I watch documentaries about people base jumping off of Mt. Everest, swimming the English Channel, sailing across the world or climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in nothing but shorts, I'm inspired to be extraordinary, to do something amazing with my life, to live life with all my heart and soul so that on my deathbed I will be able to say I have no regrets. Maybe it is just me, or maybe many of you have similar dreams. But how can we accomplish such extraordinary things when we are spending hours everyday edging to pornography?

    As many of your know, cut out the pornography and your inner potential is able to shine forth. Rebooting lets us concentrate our energy towards our goals, it gives us the motivation and the drive to get stuff done, it helps our work outs be more efficient, it helps the mind be more concentrated and engaged. NoFap allows us to engage all our faculties on a common problem and that is why so many people report unheard of successes in their personal goals when they chose to give up PMO. Why not make this awesome phenomenon available to others? Can you imagine a humanity where energy is not wasted in addiction or emotional turmoil, but is always available to the possessor? That world is possible. NoFap will not only level you up, but the world as well.
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  17. Thank you to those who have been signing up! Looking forward to starting up the Premium accountability group service.

    Status update: We are now at 22/50 for our goal. For this push, we are looking for at least 28 more subscribers.

    Thanks again!
  18. Foxtrot12

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    Hey nofap staff,
    I want to support you financially through a membership... What shows on my bank account statement if I sign up? I haven't told my wife about my nofap journey ... Maybe one day, but in the meantime...
    Or can I just transfer money...? I don't need the recognition or special services stuff...
    Let me know :)
    Thanks for all your work
  19. Thank you f
    NoFap accepts paper payments at P. O. Box 81015 Pittsburgh, PA 15217 (cash, check, money order, etc). I do believe that it shows up on PayPal as NoFap, but on the actual bank account. But will look into it.

    Status update: We are now at 29/50 for our goal. For this push, we are looking for at least 21 more subscribers. Thanks so much!
  20. 30 / 50. Growth is slow but I believe we can get to 50!
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