NoFap still needs your financial support, now more than ever

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Alexander, Sep 23, 2015.

  1. InFreedom

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    Hey! Looking forward to attending the accountability group. Thanks to you all that are moving in the direction of a more joyful and free life, including clearing out the PMO baggage!

    Bro Love,
  2. vxlccm

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    @alexander Glad you're getting closer to 50. Thanks again for creating NoFap and providing this site!
  3. Thanks for the continued support. We are at 33 / 50 of our current goal right now. Today we gained 0 people so far and lost 3.
  4. Tore Vines

    Tore Vines New Fapstronaut

    I want to support, but i can't do it with paypal. I have an old paypal account that i can't remember the security questions for.
    Is it possible to pay just by visa?
  5. Just gave a one off donation. I would consider contributing more in time but i really lack money now.
  6. StarKing

    StarKing Guest

    There needs to be a big 'donate' or 'sign up 'button on the main page and forums page in the main banner I suspect just like the panic button. some thing that reminds people every time the page loads that NoFap seriously needs their $ help. Or a count down counter to say in a similar place that states "this is how many days weeks or months NoFap has left on the current budget". Seriously man, give them all a shake up . just my 2cents worth.
  7. _MustNotFap_

    _MustNotFap_ Fapstronaut

    I agree with ChundaKing, I think in your notice section where you currently have "NoFap needs your help to survive" you should have two things:
    1. Real-time count of how many users are subscribed out of how many are required
    2. A real-time count of how much you need to break even for the month: $raised/$required to break even for <month name>
    The other thing you could do (I think it was mentioned before) is to allow smaller recurring donations say, $2 and $5, that either give you no premium benefits or no adverts - the money you would make from a $2 donation is likely to far offset what you would make from the same person/month in ad revenue. Having the option to put forward a smaller amount should encourage more people to donate, though there is the possibility that people on $10 donations would elect to make a smaller one in the future.

    Anyway, that's my thoughts on it.
  8. poncho23

    poncho23 Fapstronaut

    I fully intend to join as a paying member as soon as i can, i am in the process of starting a new job and moving into a new home so my fiance situation is very tight at the moment, i think what has been created here is amazing, being able to provide such a good level of help and advice for free for those who can't afford it, i fully intend to join as a member to help keep this site up hopfully in the next month i will be able to afford to do it.
  9. Once my income from the new job starts spilling into the account (next week :D) I plan on subscribing, I can do without Netflix in all honesty.
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  10. I tried to subscribe yesterday and again today and keep getting server errors?

    Sent an email but wondering if others may have gotten an error if they tried to subscribe?

    Looking forward to the subscription and supporting NoFap and everyone trying to quit porn and live an awesome life!
  11. Will look into this. Thanks for reporting. Remember what the server error said?
  12. I actually did not try from a computer yet.

    Just my tablet and phone so perhaps it is something with android.

    It said this:

    NoFap® - Error
    A server error occurred. Please try again later.
  13. Geez, it isn't working for me either. Looking into it.... no wonder there haven't been any Premium upgrades since Wednesday.
  14. nfprogress

    nfprogress Fapstronaut

    fyi, the 'Get Now' link beside 'Read More' is still not working properly and generating the same nofap error as shown above. In contrast the 'available upgrade' section for $10 works as designed.
  15. Qwenchy

    Qwenchy Fapstronaut

    I'm from the Philippines. Just signed up yesterday. Methinks, $10 is not much considering the help you accost to all members.

    Will sign-up in a bit. More graces to you and enlightenment to all of us.
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  16. Yesodi

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    @alexander: any progress regarding the option to possibly accept pseudo-anonymous donations via Bitcoin?

    BTW: I was not aware at the time that (for some reason unknown to me) has stopped accepting Bitcoin. But IMHO this is irrelevant, and a Bitcoin option can only help!

    And, using a Bitcoin-payment service provider (such as BitPay, for example) makes such an option very easy and transparent, as itself would not have to manage any Bitcoin. Nor would it have to keep any given Bitcoin donation in Bitcoin form for more than a fraction of a second -- effectively neutralizing any concerns over loss of value due to Bitcoin price volatility.
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  17. Phycodylic Gum Leaf

    Phycodylic Gum Leaf Fapstronaut

    There is a website that raises money for food for children in developing by reloading ads to you every time you get a correct answer in a quiz. Maybe you could de something like that.

    I would be happy to click on a few ads every time I come on. Maybe even a alarm when you log off with ads.

    You could maybe start a crowd funding campaign or see if some governments or foundations from the rich are willing to donate.
  18. IGY

    IGY Guest

    Hi @alexander - I would love a reply btw - can you tell us how we are doing with upgrades to NoFap Premium? Ciao. :cool:
  19. Things have been crazy lately, 49/50 :) We do usually, on a daily basis, get more cancellations than sign-ups, so it is slow going, but we're almost there for now. Then will hopefully add features to make it more enticing, so that we can get some actual dedicated support, contractors, etc to ease the workload. Thank you for encouraging people to contribute, NoFap wouldn't be possible without those who support it.
  20. IGY

    IGY Guest

    Well, that is good news Alex. Personally, I am not worried about additional features. I just don't want you living a frugal existence in order to pay for the site out of your own pocket - as you have for years. But, by all means, I trust that some actual dedicated support so you can get some decent rest, relaxation and recuperation time. You deserve it my friend. :)

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