NoFap still needs your financial support, now more than ever

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  1. Ack Ack Ack

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    How much money does it take to run this site how much can io give?
  2. Phycodylic Gum Leaf

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    About $500 I assume just to keep the servers up. You can donate $10 a month from the appeal ads on the website or just donate what ever you like.
    Your going to have to send it in cash if you don't want the word "Nofap" on your billing.
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  3. letter

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    My Journal
    The more something costs you, the more likely you are to stick with it. $10/month is a worthy sum to help tie yourself into a way of bringing yourself out of PMO. A contribution to this site is valuable in that regard.
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  4. strength54

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    I just signed on for premium with the idea of throwing some money at this big problem and because I make more money than I did when I was 17. That said, what do I get? I don't see additional benefits happening from being premium. I am cool with some kind of donation but I don't see how it is changing from just being a member. I am not tech savvy and this is a question not a complaint. Great endeavor...
  5. _MustNotFap_

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    For me, the benefit is 2 fold:
    1) I have a vested interest in my own success beyond the health benefits (i.e. financial investment)
    2) NoFap stays online to help and support myself and thousands of others into the future.
  6. I just joined up and I really like to help see that this website continues to run :). $10 is very small and I have paid more on a few paid porn websites per month. Unlike the paid porn webites this is such a worthy investment for me and for others to grow in their wishes to overcome porn. For those that are considering to donate, please do as every little helps.
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