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    To work out further where I left off a while ago; that it is important to know where wrong impulses come from and whether they are actually unimportant and harmful to respond to them. An addition to that is the distance of such things, you are no longer part of it. When your quitting pr0n and jerking does not partly arise from seeing 2 aspects apart and detaching them, sooner or later you will return to it. Then anything else, you cannot break a habit, for example being obsessive about such images and exploiting the genitalia. Replace with another occupation so that there is a balance. And as the great Isaac Newton also said: "The way to chastity is not to struggle directly with incontinent thoughts but to avert the thoughts by some employment, or by reading, or by meditating on other things. For he who is always thinking of chastity will always be thinking of women. "

    The positive experiences about quitting just keep rolling in. There was just someone on reddit who, after just 30 days, clearly noticed that he has amplified all his perceptions, and admiration for little things. How come? Due to the large impact of pr0n and the frequency, you are used to much more stimulation and you will therefore not experience much with other things. Scientifically proven by YourBrainOnPorn.

    For many decades now, there has been the problem that nearly all men look down on the women they find physically attractive in an intimate way. That while it is only the intention with your own partner. All other women should be seen as the divine mother. It's gotten worse and worse to the point of seeing women as utensils, misogyny and of course watching pr0n / NSFW and jerking off. Fortunately, there is still hope. Because of the so-called neuroplasticity of the brain, the 'pathways' can be restored to the old situation, so that there is no longer a constant desire for pr0n / fapping and no more wrong ideas about women. However, it is important to stop as soon as possible, because the longer the bad has happened, the stronger the connections and thus the longer it takes for recovery. Once ready, you can get started with the real work. How could it have happened that just the first 5 words of Swami Vivekananda's speech earned him a standing ovation? He must have transferred a tremendous amount of positive energy. From his memoir: "Never in my life have I allowed myself even 1 sexual thought. I trained myself to store and use for better purposes the power that one normally uses for sexual purposes. For at least 12 years, he developed a new nerve of memory. With this he remembers everything, and he understands everything. "
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