NoFap to be featured on Showtime's "Dark Net" in February

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  1. Here is our post about it. We filmed in Pittsburgh, inviting several Fapstronauts out to hang out together and talk about rebooting. It was very inspirational to meet these people in person, and the entire experience was pretty emotional (in a good way). We can't really get into specifics yet, but looking forward to sharing the episode with all of you.

    Apparently the on-tv version will contain triggers before our segment, so caution is strongly advised. We'll try to get a trigger-free version uploaded online somewhere.

    Most importantly, @TheUnnasumingMammothrept is in the episode!
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    Yes, I'm looking forward to it. :)

    But isn't the "dark net" illegal? :confused:

    Anyway, you have shown us a picture of you with the others. It would be nice if they would identify themselves here. ;)
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    In the post it says, "NoFap has recently been advised by producers of the show that the episode will feature pornographic material, so viewer discretion is advised." WHAT? A piece all about overcoming porn addiction is going to feature... porn!

    They have obviously been paid off by the porn industry guys that the programme should show balance, so while people are talking about getting clean. let's have some filth as well. What a bunch of sick fucking bastards. It makes me so mad! :mad:
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  4. The "dark net" itself consist of most of the internet, the stuff that isn't listed on search engines. This can include random websites, data, etc. Most of the material contained on it is perfectly legal, although the "dark net" is where a number of websites are that are probably illegal in many jurisdictions. Stuff like drug marketplaces, child porn, etc.

    I hope that the good stuff that we captured is aired. Ummm will leave it to those in it to identify themselves, should they choose to :) Will say that @TheUnnasumingMammothrept is in it though :)

    I don't think there was any money from the porn industry, it is just how our society is. Sex/porn sells, so to speak. You can tell from the trailers that it is dramatized. Yeah, it was a dissapointment to hear that but at least I don't think there is porn featured during the actual segment (at least I asked them not to include it), so hopefully somebody will just post our segment online somewhere without the erotic imagery so that everybody in our community can watch it.
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    Hello @alexander. Firstly, I'd like to publicly salute you for this amazing and most worthy enterprise that you've created!

    For the record, it seems that (like many others who also make this common mistake) you are confusing the "dark web" / "darknet" (much of whose content is indeed illegal!) with the "Deep Web" (un-indexed).
  6. Wow, had no idea that there was any official distinction to these phrases! Thanks. TIL.
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