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    About 15 years of regular porn abusing.

    Borderline and obsessive-compulsive personality traits were found during my psicological counseling. Traits took probably place in my childhood when I first came across my cousin's porn comics.

    I've been relatively successful trying to stop watching porn in the last period (2 years) but intrusive, border and obsessive thoughts never stopped.

    Now almost only porn-related thoughts or porn-like practices (similar to the stuff I used to look for) can drive me to orgasm. And after I feel humiliated and ashamed.

    I'm here cause I'd love to start a new season of my life and I need to share my path with others. Today i complete a 4 day streak of hard mode. Things look better and I feel better.

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    Great job on the first 4 days of the rest of your life.
    We all struggle, but I know through diligence, perseverance, and healing life gets better, anxieties calm, pain dissipates and hope endures.
    You are on the right track and are strong for making the choices to become better. Great Job! And welcome.
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