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  1. lol In a podcast I have listen to, whereby the content creator records his daily progress to pmo, he mispronouces it NoFlap.

    The first few times I dismissed it as poor audio or just plain stumbles but I've heard it enough times now I'm sure he actually believes it to be NoFlap. As in flapping.

    It's a made up word to describe the sound of m, so it's shouldn't matter really but I found the mispronounciation so cringey i deleted the channel lol
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  2. Mr. McMarty

    Mr. McMarty Fapstronaut

    he would appriciateit if you let him know.
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  3. Lol True but it's a completely made up word so i wouldn't actually be any more correct and it's just one single letter different lol
  4. Clean Willy

    Clean Willy Fapstronaut

    I find fap and fapping incredibly cringey and never use them. Fapstronaut is even worse or maybe Femstronaut is worse! o_O
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  5. Yes lol me too and I think the word fap is intended to be off putting.

    It's actually the sort of thing I was talking about in my other thread called 'a new name for porn' somewhere on the forum 'self-improvement', but so far it seems no ones caught my drift. Lol
  6. Reborn_

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    I'm a "wank" or "wanker" guy
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  7. Haha but actually you raise an Interesting point, because porn users don't refer to themselves as a porn guy or a porner for example. The titles make a difference for sure otherwise we would forgoe names/nouns all-together
  8. Upon the term fapstronaut I actually like because of the euphemism of rockets being a replacement vision of pied an the whole symbolism of exploration is relevant. Just saying

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