Non Drinkers in Clubs/Pubs/Parties ?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Win_for_life, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. Win_for_life

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    Was just wondering how to come out of such situation where you are the only one in group that doesn’t drink and then feel extremely self conscious around others.
    How do you handle such situations ?
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  2. w95chris

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    It is not that difficult. If you do not drink for whatever reason then you should not feel bad about it. You can still enjoy your time in whatever place. Try drinking a soft drink for example or something similar if not water.

    You should not feel bad about it. I understand what you are trying to say but you just cope with it and so must your friends, who should respect your decisions. The point is that there is no need to feel self conscious about it because it is your life's decisions and you should stick to them

    If this is a new thing (for example you were a drinker and now stopped) then it takes time to feel comfortable but your friends should also try to make you feel that way. If it is something that has been going on for quite some time, then time to reconsider going to these places if this bothers you that much
  3. TheLightOne

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    Been there done that. For me it didnt worked at all. After 1 hour there is no contact and u feel alone. Maybe grab 1-2 beers and just drink them slowly? That kind of worked for me
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  4. Theres nothing wrong with not drinking. Im not a drinker either. No one should try and make you feel anyway about not drinking. If they do, you should re-evaluate the people that you are surrounding yourself with.
    If its really an issue for you, ask yourself why do you feel like you need to go to these places where drinking is so prevalent. Maybe you should just remove yourself from those situations.
  5. Triplex VII

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    I myself don't drink. I am not religious. It is just a lifestyle choice. Anyway, I have a friend that drinks and goes to bars. Personally, I dont want to be around people getting drunk. It is just my preference. Therefore, I only hang out with him if he is sober, and never at a bar. I see it as: if he cannot stand to spend time with me, without being on and/or around others who are all getting intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol, I dont need him as a friend. He respects that, because he is a decent man.

    This is just me though. I think it is up to you. And we are talking essentially about a drug. So I think your preference on it has more weight than ever in that situation.
  6. Castielle

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    I choose not to feel weird about it. You like what you like. If you want to order water or a soda, that's completely fine. And honestly, if anyone is going to judge you or make fun of you for that, that's stupid and they're dumb.
  7. Don’t worry about it and do what suits you. I’ve never had problems with people being judgmental I’m not a drinker. Honestly, if they give you a hard time about it, they’re probably not worth hanging out with. This goes for anything you feel is important.
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  8. onceaking

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    But if he does that he's drinking.
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  9. Be comfortable w yourself, fuck what others say about it.
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  10. Mistersofty

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    Don't know why you'd want to be sober in a bar or club with a bunch of drunk people. I drink, but I also know what it's like to be the only sober person in the group and it can get pretty god damn annoying. I'd suggest finding another social activity that doesn't involve drinking.
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  11. Get_It

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    Just tell the youre a Roman Catholic Priest and if they keep pestering you, tell them to eat a bag o dicks.
  12. FellatiousD

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  13. Anubis Rises

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    My Journal
    drink a red bull and go on the dance floor an dance
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  14. Hold it in

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    I occasionally am around family members that drink. Honestly I think most of them feel awkward drinking around me knowing I don't drink. Its such an afterthought though that I don't even care if they do but it is funny.

    Being an alcoholic is kinda like being in an abusive relationship and being smacked around by your boyfriend\girlfriend. Hopefully, you learn being abused sucks and leave.

    For good
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  15. Infrasapiens

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    Be sure your phone has enough memory, you can record them puking and crying and fighting each other. You could use it for your personal amusememt or you could blackmail them.
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  16. Win_for_life

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    Lmao hahaha
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  17. fredisthebes

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    There's usually a few people who are driving and hence on the soft drinks all night, try and find them and bond with them. Like others have said, it's not very fun being around drunk people. They tend to get quite repetitive and boring, if you aren't drunk yourself.

    I don't think anyone gives two hoots whether you are drinking or not, they probably won't even notice unless you point it out (especially if you have a glass/bottle of something in your hand). In a club it's probably too dark to see anything anyway. So you've nothing to feel self-conscious about.
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  18. Win_for_life

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    Thanx mate thats really helpful
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