Non-triggered person needed to filter sites for me periodically

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by chrysion, Dec 15, 2019.

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    Self-explanatory title. I'm starting an internet whitelist (see my journal). I'm sure I will need to adjust the whitelist (list of allowed websites) sometimes. It might be once a day or it might be once a week.

    I need someone who can approve my whitelist changes.

    It could be a female (I'm male), because I want someone who is definitely not triggered by (potential) images of females. However, any link I send you is extremely unlikely to actually contain porn.

    For example, a friend might send me a news article. I just need you to look at the link and just say "yes" (you can add it to the whitelist) or "no" (I saw something that might be triggering, i.e., lots of bikini thumbnails, or this article talks about modeling, or this tutorial is provocative).

    The person doesn't have to be female (I'm not trying to "get off and sext", as was warned). If she is, we will only use NoFap's messaging system here and we will not "chat" and we will certainly never discuss PMO or sexual problems. All I will do is send you a link sometimes. You will simply check it and respond "yes" or "no".

    Occasionally I might ask you to find a link for me. For example, to search YouTube for a picture lighting tutorial that is safe for me.

    The best situation might be a woman who isn't struggling, but is here on behalf of her husband, for example. If you want to do this, I will give you a link to my whitelist. I don't want it to be public. Pastebin is a site for people to paste documents/code and send it to others. It's really simple.

    In my journal, I will keep track of all my goals and streaks (sleep schedule, anti-porn reading regimen, how long I followed the whitelist, and so on), but I need someone to approve my whitelist. Thank you!
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    Well, I just found a guy that's going to be my AP for now. That's the simplest thing. If it doesn't work out, then I can try something else. I'll beat this one way or another. Thanks.

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