Nootropics & BioHacking - Any experience???

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by JustinX, May 2, 2018.

  1. JustinX

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    Just in case you dont know what we are talking about.

    I am just curious if anybody has some positive or negative experience with them.
    Please share it with us.
  2. SorryWontSayIt

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    Got some experience with some different nootropics.

    Modafinil is one example I have tried. It is great for studies if used correct, but are not fully legal in all countries. It is very different from country to country how legal it is.
    When using modafinil I felt focused, motivated and awake (even if I had not slept a lot).

    Maybe it was just me or it is something that are more common then I think, but after using modafinil for a "longer time", I started to feel on my body that I was actually tierd - because I lacked sleep even tho I felt awake. So don't over use it. At the same time, the more you use it, the higher doses you will need to make it work.

    There are other side effects too, but I did not really feel any of them. Just remember to drink more water when using it.
    Different doses can have very different effect on people too. Some people can feel it very easy at 50 mg, but others will need 200 mg - so you have to try it out, start small if trying without a doctor.

    I have also tried creatine. It have helped me a lot with workout, but I don't really feel it have helped my brain as the guy in the movie say.
    -But drink water!

    L-theanine is also something I have tried. And is good in combination with caffine as he say. You well be more relaxed in general by it after using it for a longer time, you dont get the shaky feeling if drinking to much coffee, etc.

    But as he say in the start. It is not magic pills too. When I first tried modafinil, I was waiting for a "feeling", but you just have to start working, then you will start to notice how focused you actually are if the dose is correct for you. (So don't search for a feeling - and don't use it to often).

    You don't really feel L-Theanine too, and is something that will work better and better the longer you use it. (You can use it every day)

    It really depends on what you are looking for. I have tried phenibut too, it helps improve both mood and sleep, that is a nootropic you can actually feel. You will kind of feel that you will be in a better mood, more confident, less social anxity, easier to talk to people. (The problem with phenibut for example is that if you take too much at once, you will get sleepy, and if drinking you will easier get drunk. An other "problem" is that you can't use it everyday. If you do so it can become an addiction, and your tolerance will increase fast if using higher doses or too often). I recommend to only use phenibut one-two times per week max for the best effects.

    I am not a doctor or anything, I am just talking from personal experience - so it is best to ofcours talk to a doctor, because people are different and will react different. (And some of these nootropics are illegal is some countries and not in others, so you should check that out before buying.

    -Best tip I can give if using nootropics: Don't over use it (ofcours depending on what nootropic it is). If you use it too often, it will be difficult the day you are quitting because it will be a lot more difficult to focus for example if you are not motivated.
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  3. JustinX

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    Thanks for all your experience and particularly this. It is good to know that there is something that immediately improve motivation and concentration if I need to work hard for couple days.
    What did you mean wen you said "after using modafinil for a "longer time"" - the longer time was 3 days or week or couple weeks?
    I am doing a gym too for couple years, some solid gains already but never ate anything than proteins. I am thinking that I try it with creatine too, for mind and also for body.
    Yeah I stopped drinking coffee for those side effects, definitely going to try L-theanine and see if that helps.
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  4. SorryWontSayIt

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    Regarding modafinil and "longer time" I ment maybe two weeks where I used it maybe 4 times a week, maybe 5. It was a really busy part of my life and I had to get things done. It may be okey to use it that often, but I forgot how important sleep and rest really is. (So it may have worked better if I would let myself actually rest, but I started working on modafinil even if I just had slept 3-4 hours per nigth for two weeks). I worked from 07:00 in the moring some days to 23:00. Ofcours I liked what I did too, but it helped and made me less tierd.

    I think most people would recommend maybe everyother day. I liked to have two days in a row, then one day off.
    (I only used it for two months, so I don't have too much experience. There are a lot of forums (reddit) for example that may offer a lot more tips and experience then I) - I also tried to be a bit careful, so some may maybe say to use more then me, other will say less.

    -Also take it early on the day, it can be difficult to go to sleep if you are on a higher dose.

    (Repeating myself: As already said, you have to try out different doses. Start small and increase if you feel like needed. Some people feel it is not much to help, others do. Some people need a very small dose, other needs a bigger. Just remember it can be difficult to go to sleep if you are on a high dose).

    Regarding creatine it is good. Some people say you should have a "loading" periode where you use 10 g, but _I_ belive that is not needed (I belive it is just a trick to sell more to make you spend it faster). I may be wrong, but it still works great for me just using 5 g per day.
    -Remember to drink more water with both this and modafinil - specially used at the same day.
    -Regarding protein and eating, there are many apps that can help you get to your goals, leaning, bulking, keeping same size. I use an app, but it is for food in my contry - I follow it more or less, so I just get a better picture of what I need, proteins and calories, etc. It will also show how many calories you will need to eat to reach your goals.

    Really recommend L-thenaine as said too. If you are tierd and need some extra coffee, it can be good to have some L-theanine to stay focused and not overly jittery hehe.
    There are many good reviews on youtube regarding thenaine too. Helped with anxity, depression, focus, etc.

    Maybe I repeated a lot here, but hope it helps. (Remember, this is all me, person experience we are different and I have no medical education, so I don't really like to give too much advice)
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  5. SorryWontSayIt

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    Good point as he said!

    Remember to not over use it and don't become dependent on it. Only use it when you are in big need. I knew I have a limited possibility to get modafinil, so I knew I could not use it one year from now. So I had to spend it wise, and understand that one day, I have to do the work myself - even tho it is you still on modafinil, it is an "unatural" boost.

    -Even tho you don't get a really feeling a rush or a "happy" feeling like some may of alchol for example, you can get addicted. If you over use it or rely on it too much. Think that one day, you have to work with out it. I am sure you understand, I just want to give a notice.

    There may be side effects to connected to modafinil, so I recommend to search on side effects regarding modafinil (Since I don't know anything about you @JustinX - I don't know anything about your health and medical condition - So even tho I did not get any side effects when using it, it may be more dangerous for you).

    So if you have an medical condition or health problem, try search on reddit or other forums if you think it can have or may cause a problem when using a nootropic. It may feel great and help you a lot the next week, but what about the year after - if you get side effects?

    As @Boeing747 says, the best "nootropic" is sleep, diet and a healthy life style. A nootropic should just be used very carefully, some are more dangours then others.
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  6. SanSolo

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    I'm calling BS on the video. In my arrogant opinion all this guy has done is take a lot of nutrient substances that have been around for a long time and "rebranded" them as nootropics to pimp for the supplement Co. in the video. With the possible exception of dopamine precursors I have never heard of any of these substances being described as nootropics by anyone else anywhere. (DISCLAIMER: I have never heard of CILTEP and have no idea what is in it.)

    But as for what you asked in the first place...I do take dopamine precursors. I don't notice any overt outward palpable effect. But what I take only provides a 250 mg dose of L-Dopa. I'm not really seeking any "effect" in my reasons for taking it. My purpose is more for general brain health.
    One thing I take that did have a dramatic effect is DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol). DMAE was once sold as the prescription drug Deaner. The patent holder let the patent lapse when regulatory agencies in the US made it too expensive for them to keep. So now anyone can make and sell it without a scrip.
    I was normally a very quiet individual. I often found conversation difficult. But when I took my first dose of DMAE (which was probably too large for a first dose) I found myself spewing absolute word vomit after about 2 hours. I couldn't shut up. The effect was so strong it actually frightened me a little. I moderated my dosage and slowly worked up to 300 mg a day, all at once, every morning with my coffee. I now find conversation very easy. I'm almost never at a loss for words.
    I have also heard the the US military provides Modafinil to certain service members to use for missions that require alertness for long periods of time.
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  7. kayesem

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    Yep -, it replaced dextroamphetamine go pills. Also sometimes used by astronauts, interestingly.

    Modafinil in the brain; blocks the DAT (dopamine transporter) acting as a DRI (dopamine reuptake inhibitor) very similar in action to cocaine and methylphenidate (Ritalin).

    I looked into it as an off label, cheaper alternative ADHD medication due to it's apparent safety profile but eventually decided against trying it even once. Long term dextroamphetamine use messed me up and I guess it has just been extended withdrawals that led to searching from something to fill the void left after stopping it. Looking back, I think the less is more approach of recent years has been wise.

    This experience report - 'Ruined My Life - Modafinil & Piracetam' on Erowid -

    convinced me to simply leave it alone, it's not worth it imho. Familiar drug story and worth reading. Starts out great, turns into a fucking nightmare before you know it. Other reports also indicated that it made music sound shit, and that is unacceptable in my house. TL : DR from the report above:

    "If I could have one wish in the world, it would be to go back to February 2009 and make the decision never to take a single Modafinil.

    All I can say is, treat this stuff with extreme caution. Not only did it completely change my personality (in bad ways), it also impaired my ability to realise how much I had changed, how much damage I was doing, and how much the drug itself was implicated in that. Obviously everyone is different, but in some cases, at least in my case, this was extremely dangerous stuff.
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  8. JustinX

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    Yeah I really does. Thanks!
  9. JustinX

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    I agree I have so much enegy after 2 weeks or 1 month after No PMO, so I am looking for something temporary just for innitial period, so I am more busy, productive and happy with myself and less bored to PMO until it comes naturally.
  10. JustinX

    JustinX Fapstronaut

    Yes I agree that the reason why he made the video was to promote that company but I still liked overview of that topic and even some natural ways how to boost your brain.
    Thanks also for sharing experience with dopamine precursors!
  11. JustinX

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  12. VirilitySupreme

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    The best Nootropic is your own Testosterone.
  13. videeen

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    My personal experience is that i tried a lot of nootropics, almost all of them. But if you are healthy, you should use any of synthetic nootropics, you could get in bad health condition. Instead of that, try nootropics stacks made from natural sources. Of course, you must do your own analysis and read reviews. Healthy individuals shouldn't use any synthetics nootropics, you can talk with your medical practitioner about this. Just read some alpha brain review and thinking to get one. It's almost half postivie and half negative reviews about it, but of course need to trie by myself.

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