North Korea Should Destroy It's Nuclear Weapons...

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  1. if the US and every other nation that is demanding they destroy them does the same.

    Look at this graph:


    This is hypocrisy!
    Do as I say but not as I do!

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    The other countries don’t threaten to turn another country into glass though like North Korea is.
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  3. It's so bloody stupid, why does America and Russia need that many missles? These superpower countries always go on about denuclearization onto others but never practice what they preach. In fact all they do is add more bombs to their arsenal, they have enough nukes to blow the entire world to tiny pieces...

    I'm more worried about them wielding it as opposed to those other countries. lol
  4. The more advanced our technology becomes, the greater the repercussions will be. Nuclear technology is just the beginning of even more destructive and horrifying discoveries. If wisdom doesn't evolve with technology we will be destroyed by it. We are under the threat of annihilation by these arms. But we are also under threat in other areas. Technology that influences and disturbs people on a psychological level is widespread and will continue to grow.
    There's nothing wrong with technology as long as it remains a tool. If we aren't wise enough to keep it that way we become the tools.
    I wish there was an easy fix for the apocalyptic stockpiles but I imagine it will never be resolved. Not while there are boarders to be maintained and resources to be gained.
  5. Do you think their delusional minds would easily accept such a request? As well as any other country really...It saddens me that mankind has to hide behind weapons from one another and yet make demands to surrender or destroy said weapons.
  6. While that may be true, especially him firing missles over countries as threats, that's still no excuse to have 7k+ nukes though.
  7. Having 7k+ nukes is basically the weaponry version of “I get the last word!”
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    The majority of that was built up during the cold war, and you can't just 'get rid' of nuclear weapons. It's a bit more complicated than that. The sheer animosity between both the USA and Russia is impossible to begin a dismantling program in itself, without both sides agreeing wholly there's no chance it will ever happen. And no chance of them agreeing wholly on anything anyway.
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  9. Maybe they should grow up and stop bloody flexing all the time, I mean isn't Russian threatening the U.S with nukes again? I don't even know the reason this time.
  10. The removal of these threats will rely mostly on the level of education and understanding of people in these countries. Unfortunately, you will find the level of awareness and motivation extremely polarized from country to country. Even in the states our own populace is highly polarized on these issues. Sadly even worse most don't care. We have no one to blame but ourselves. We can only hope that by a miracle there will be a generational trend in the future towards taking these things seriously. This would be required world wide. Some countries are too preoccupied with basic survival and ancient voodoo beliefs. Ours is preoccupied with instant gratification and peer validation to bother with the issues right in front of us.
  11. Nah, Russia is showing off a new nuclear powered missile capabale of evading missile detection systems.
  12. Oh so he's flexing like the U.S does with their military, I love how they do those propaganda "animations" to scare other countries and show them who's supposedly stronger. Its all just stupid power politics, but one of these days I'm sure we'll pay dearly.
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  14. As long as nations are being ruled by fanatic people, war is never going to end. Nobody want's to die but nobody want's peace. Every nation should destroy their nuclear weapons. It's a world threat. It's not that first world war weapons...i read somewhere what Einstein said "I don't know which weapons will be used in world war 3 but the thing which i know is that, world war 4 will be played with sticks and stones".
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  15. I know the next potentially world decimating tech people are talking about is AI, due to unpredictable effects of the singularity.

    AI Nukes, anyone?
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    Gezuz! Thats what bible predicted! When Noah survived the rain apocalypse, God said "The next rain will be with fire".

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  17. But I don't want to destroy my hoover. :(
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    In actuality, it's more likely we will achieve bio-technological perfection than true AI. I've never understood how people seem to think we're just going to create consciousness, it's really a lack of understanding programming. We are much closer to 'upgrading' ourselves. Whatever the outcome, it will be humans or our upgraded counterparts that are dictating the next stage. Or we might just poison the entirety of the water systems and all die. Who knows.
  19. That is true unfortunately I know here in Canada there are oil spills in rivers and lakes all the time but the government won't do anything about it because the big corporations that do this kind of stuff make a lot of money.
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