NoScreen Day Challenge!

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  1. Hey! Before starting, please excuse my atrocious writing skills. This is not really a guide, more like ideas for those who want to challenge themselves and the way I would do it.

    What is NoScreen, and what is it not?

    NoScreen is a challenge where one abstain from viewing screens for one day. Different modes are possible, each with its own difficulty. NoScreen is just about screens, so if you want for example to call a friend and your landline phone don't have a screen, it's perfectly ok. It's totally up to you to decide anything. It's really just a challenge. If you are interested in testing your self-control and self-discipline, that could be an interesting experience for you.

    Why NoScreen?

    A bit like NoFap, NoScreen is a challenge to better yourself. There are several valuable reasons for one to abstain from screens for one day.
    _ Better and more profound sleep, and possibly easier to fall asleep.
    _ Possibly reduced headaches and eyes aches.
    _ Thrill of challenging yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone.
    _ Increased self-discipline.
    _ Porn can only be viewed on screen, right? Totally compatible with not using porn, but be aware that it could trigger masturbation.
    _ Procrastination can be reduced if you choose to do stuff.
    _ Great opportunity to take a day for you to breathe and relax.
    _ Countless other stuff!

    Choose your way

    _ XTREM mode: no screen whatsoever. LCD, computer, phone, mp3 player, digital watch, ANYTHING. This is not for the faint hearted and actually may be impossible to do.
    _ Digital mode: watching only digital screens, including watch, pedometers, stuff like that.
    _ No music mode: if like me, you only have music on your non-digital mp3 player and your computer and can’t listen to CDs or vinyls, you can choose not to listen to music on that day. It’s possible, I did it, but it is very hard.
    _ Music allowed mode: only authorizing yourself to watch your mp3 player screen. Abstaining from music can be excruciating and it’s just about self-control and discipline.
    _ Different modes can be adapted to what you wish. No computer, no television, no phone, it’s up to you. You are your own master and only you know what’s best for you.

    Prepare yourself

    _ Choose your day carefully. If your work doesn't requires you to work with any screen, you might want to try it that day. Otherwise, wait for weekends or holidays. Put all the odds in your favour!
    _ Answer all your important emails. Do all the Internet stuff you have to do. Warn your family, friends, your work, that you won’t be able at all to be contacted on this special day - depending of course on the mode you choose.
    _ Make a list of all the things you wish to accomplish on this day if your goal is too avoid boredom at maximum.
    _ Know your boredom triggers and avoid them. The goal isn't to be bored, but to be productive.
    _ Be aware that it could be MO triggering, even though you won’t be able to watch any porn. it also can be withdrawal triggering so do it at your own risk.
    _ You also can choose to purposely be bored, as it is a great way to get creative. Totally up to you.

    Embracing boredom

    The problem with NoScreen is that it can be really PMO triggering if your first trigger is boredom. The thing is, NoScreen is not supposed to bore you, unless you choose so. It’s an excellent way of doing stuff that you normally procrastinate because of what you’re doing on screens, or because you work using a screen. You have to make this day special, because it is. It’s a special day just for you. Here are some very basic few ideas to kill boredom, feel free to add more. Check WikiHow, they have great guides to kill boredom!

    _ Don’t think about PMO.
    _ Do the dishes.
    _ Do laundry.
    _ Clean your entire place, or even just your room. Clean your space, clean your mind.
    _ Read a book you've always wanted to read or have to finish.
    _ Pamper yourself in a home spa.
    _ Take a long walk without money in your pockets.
    _ Visit a place you've always wanted to visit.
    _ Play an instrument.
    _ Exercise more than usual.
    _ Work!
    _ Cook your own especially good meals. Bonus point if they’re healthy :)
    _ Be creative. Express yourself.
    _ If you’re religious, pray. If there is a celebration of your religion on that day, try to attend it.
    _ Meditate, do breathing exercises.
    _ Nap.
    _ Go watch an exhibition, do stuff you've always wanted to do.
    _ If you stay at home, put on your comfiest clothes. If you go out, put on your fav outfit.
    _ Do a gratuitous kindness act.
    _ Write a journal.
    _ Learn a new skill.
    _ Step out of your comfort zone. If you’re a procrastinator, do your work (I am a huge procrastinator, and started to write my essay by hand instead than on my laptop during my first NoScreen day, and wrote more than 1000 words). Don’t forget to take regular breaks.
    _ Educate yourself. Read books on stuff that interest you. Visit museums, read self-bettering books, stuff like that.
    _ Take some special time with your family.
    _ Pet your pet.
    _ Try stuff you never did before.
    _ Be extra kind.
    _ Be aware that daydreaming can strongly lead to a masturbation relapse.
    _ Play games such as sudokus and such. Keep your brain busy so it won’t think about porn. Trick yourself into thinking you’re having a great time.

    After NoScreen

    If you had a good experience, you might consider to redo it. Personally, I am aiming to do it once a week. This way I make it a special day where I know I'm going to get shit done and take some time with myself without sexual pleasure. Also, if you choose the No Music mode, I noticed that coming back to music the day after resulted in very heavily increased pleasure to listen music. It might be linked to dopamine.

    I hope it helped a tiny bit. I personally definitely enjoyed doing this challenge, it was very hard but I will redo it with great pleasure. Please please please tell me if you think this is interesting! And add everything you want, this is not a guide.
  2. Dave1234321

    Dave1234321 Fapstronaut

    You rock! I'm in! Gonna do it on my day off.
  3. stygian

    stygian Fapstronaut

    Cocorosie, thank you for this incredible thread and idea. I need to do a noscreen challenge. I realized I am substituting other "screen" activities for PMO and it is a waste of time and not healthy. Also I rationalize what I am doing and try to tell myself that certain things are not PMO and are okay, but I know I am breaking William's definition. Plus I have > 10 tabs open right now, why don't I take care of what is in each one instead of leaving them open?

    I am going to make this a lifestyle and not a once/week activity. But since I need to use a computer for work I am going to set some parameters.

    - can use computer to study (have offline materials) and access offline reference information
    - can listen to music
    - can check my e-mail accounts once/day
    - can use my smartphone and texting because the idea is to interact more in the real world and invitations can come by text. I rarely text anyway so I don't think it will be a problem. Will remember to "look up" and not use my smartphone as much as possible
    - can log onto this forum once/day
    - if I need to use the computer to look up information for work, then I will write out on a sheet of paper what I need to find out and only use the Internet for this purpose

    So this is more of a "no browser" challenge. I will be giving up following the news as well (which has been a huge time waster for me. If anyone follows the news, I would not mind being PMed about the malaysia airlines flight or the situation in the Ukraine as I really want to know what is happening on those fronts.
  4. Markguy

    Markguy Fapstronaut

    Fabulous idea and great suggestions, Cocorosie! I'm going to think through, prepare, and do this! Thank you.

    The scary thing is the screen problem is getting worse with the trend of the "Internet of Things" where more and more devices are connected to the Net. I know many people working to get screens everywhere - your refrigerator, car, watch, toaster, clothing, grocery store shelves. It's here now, but many expect the number of screens to grow tremendously making distraction everywhere. We will start to see public billboards show ads targeted to you just by sensing you walk by with your phone.

    We are entering an era of mass distraction and we can choose to numb out or practice looking up.
  5. Spartan

    Spartan Fapstronaut

    CoCo my dear this is a great idea. I'm glad you invented it. You is a smart cookie.

    Stay spartan.
  6. stygian

    stygian Fapstronaut

  7. wez41

    wez41 Guest

    I thought I was great having a "no computer day" on Sundays and just building Lego instead but a no screen day is no mean feat! I do watch telly (does an old CRT tube TV count as a screen?!!).

    I could forgo the phone, Mp3 player as they are the only "digital technology" along with my laptop that I possess. So next Sunday I will forgo all the above!

    Interesting challenge I must say.
  8. hudrac_yador

    hudrac_yador Guest

    That's a really sweet idea you have there, CoCo! I've already tried some kind of challenge of that kind on some days in the previous weeks. I forced myself not to go on any social media sites during the day until i had all the things on my to-do list done and oh my lord, that was really effective! I really was so freaking productive these days that i tried to pursue this further the following days. Of course i failed but already keeping it in mind really helped. Just not going on social media sites is already such a strong trigger, i think for me it was even worse than not masturbating.
    I also can relate to you with the music thing, yet for me it had a much more short-lived effect of really enjoying the music, it went back to "normal" appreciation shortly after.
    When i'm home again on Tuesday i'm going to try to do NoScreen on at least one day of the week. Yet, what people have to keep in mind is that it is the general approach to the NoScreen thing, that counts, that they have to keep themselves aware how much of an distraction it is and in the following spend much less time with it than they used to.
  9. Awww thank you so much guyz for your answers. Huge group hug!

    I definitely feel you Stygian. I would also turn this into a lifestyle, but I am slowly realizing how this challenge is the size of Canis Majoris. I can't do shit when I'm not in front of the computer. It's not even solely about Internet. It's just, having all concentrated on one point, the computer, makes it really harder. I noticed than separating stuff, step by step, for instance exchanging my smartphone for a very basic phone and not to have my music player in my phone, eased the thing. I'm definitely trying to go even forward in this but it is a very broad task. Totally gonna steal your parameters! Except for NoFap, I simply can't seem to get out of here, this forum is my lifeline, you know. I love this NoBrowser idea. As for the news, any way I've never been interested in it so it won't be a problem for me (I know it's not great to be disinterested in such things). Yeah I haven't saw the video yet, but I know that these are pretty similar threads, I could have wait a bit before posting!

    Ugh seeing your signature pierced my heart fast and clean Markguy. You have no idea how much I want you to recover. I completely agree with what you say, extremely interesting, I noticed that very quickly. Screens are EVERYWHERE. That's why I don't think that the Xtrem mode is possible. Besides, some screens are simply more useful than others. It totally depends on your approach. Is it just about "screen" (and so for example you have to switch your digital watch to a normal one, etc) or about being more productive? It really depends.

    Thank you Spartan! Haha don't tell me about cookies ugh XD

    Thanks wez41! I'm glad you like it! I found this indeed challenging and couldn't resist sharing it with you guys. About the TV, it's like edging for relapse, it's up to you, it depends of your approach. Personally I would think that it counts.

    Totally what I noticed too hudrac_yador! It's funny and interesting how something that seems excruciating at first becomes a pleasure and then eventually a lifestyle. When I deleted my Facebook account for one month on April 15th, it really seemed like going to a funeral, but now I think that I will not even go back on it on May 15th, I'll just say hello to my friends and then go back for another month. I agree that it helps tremendously for urges, personally it wasn't Facebook but YouTube, and I swear that as I'm getting stronger with this I have less and less urges. Yeah the music effect lasted only one day but holy fuck how powerful was it. The only moment I had this feeling to really actually climax only with music was in concerts (I'm always at the first row anyway, I'm so short X) ).

    I think that what makes NoScreen that efficient is that it is special. Apart from the fact that like stygian it can be turned into a lifestyle, the fact to dedicate it once a week is powerful because in your mind it's definite: one day, no screens, period. This day, I will be productive. It feels the same for me than waiting for Saturday to watch blogs. It's a special day dedicated to that.

    10000% agreeing with your final words hudrac!

    Haha, so I expect to see much less people connected here on Sunday then, right? XD

    Stay strong guyz! Do not hesitate to pop me a message if you need anything.
  10. wez41

    wez41 Guest

    Agreed- no TV either so then tomorrow!

    I forgot about my e-reader too so tomorrow I will forego:-
    Mobile phone
    MP3 player

    Best of luck to everyone involved.......
  11. Markguy

    Markguy Fapstronaut

    I'm in for tomorrow (Sunday).
    NO: browser, youtube/videos, social media, e-reader, computer/video/mobile games, TV.
    Good luck all!
  12. Markguy

    Markguy Fapstronaut

    So I did NoScreen on Sunday. Well, mostly. We went to one restaurant that happened to have a giant screen showing music videos, so I got a bit distracted. But I figure I did my best.

    What I did: No device screens, went out most of the day with family, some sleeping in/resting, a lot of reading, some cleaning.

    What I felt: It was quite difficult for me. I wanted to compulsively check things, but having a strict boundary was actually helpful for me not to drift. I felt a bit more present with other people. I did probably use sleep and reading books as distraction a bit more time than I'd like, but for now I'll take those alternatives. I didn't feel as much motivation as I thought I would to do exercise.

    Takeaways: It was challenging, but it also did feel a bit refreshing. I noticed that although I read a lot, my brain was able to more easily get interrupted to be with family. With screens, I realize my brain fights and even resents getting interrupted and has a harder time switching back to be present. But with NoScreen, I was able to switch gears more easily. I'd like to try again, with the goal of being more mindful and active next time.

    Thank you again Cocorosie for the idea!
  13. jeff31

    jeff31 Fapstronaut

    this sounds a brilliant idea!! and very good material and ideas to support progress with nofap.great post!
  14. Don't worry Mark, about using sleep and books as alternatives. Maybe it's best to make this day a special day to just relax and enjoy life, may it be for you or your family. Don't feel bad about not wanting to exercise :)

    Yeah, actually what I first wanted this day to be is like a "special day" to trick my mind into being productive, like "ok this day you'll get shit done". I think it's two equally valid reasons to do this challenge. Test, try things, add more screens or take some, focus on different things. You'll quickly see what's best for you!

    Thanks to you man for having tried, it's a real pleasure :eek:

    Thank you jeff31, I deeply hope that it will be beneficial to you!
  15. Nate007

    Nate007 Fapstronaut

    I try to do no sreen days as much as possible and the benifits are astounding, you get more done and for me the biggest satisfaction is knowing that i didnt waste a bunch of my time that day surfing the net or watching re runs of reality tv shows.
  16. TemujinB

    TemujinB Fapstronaut

    Maaan I am so happy to find this! In the past I did 14 days without looking at a computer screen!!
    I got to a point where all the class was sitting infront a computer and mine was turned off.
    Maybe when I end exams I do it again, because computers have a similar effect to behaviour than PMO, you are less sociable, etc.

    It's so good to start finding in this web people with the same ideas to mine to improve, cheers on your challenge!!
  17. HI BAES!!!!!

    SO I'm coming back to this!!! I'm as excited as if I were going to a CocoRosie concert and that means the fuckin world!!!! Basically the rules still are the same: from 0:00 to 0:00, I won't watch any screen. Music is of course allowed as there isn't any screen on my Ipod Shuffle. I dedicate this NoScreen day to reading and perhaps meditation.



    ALSO if tomorrow goes well, and if God willing, I'm received to Stage 2, I'm gonna ante up and do not one, but TWO NoScreen days a week. Fuck yaaaaassssss.


    PS: running turns me into a superhuman, sorry not sorry :p
  18. Adjoint

    Adjoint Fapstronaut

    I like this idea. A day-off. Once/Twice a week. A new ritual. I'm in. Every Saturday from 0.00 to 0.00 Let's do this!
  19. monvoyage

    monvoyage Fapstronaut

    I'm in for tomorrow. The greatest obstacle for me is that i do a lot of daily tasks on the computer, things that i want to be a habit - learning languages, control my finances, work on recovery workshop, read an article in a foreign language...
    So I have to prepare pretty well to do it.
    Here are my rules:

    *no digital screens, except for my ebook-reader. (Because there really isn't a big difference between reading the book in printed form, or on the reader)
    *from when i get up to when i get to bed again
    *I just really need to learn the languages online. I'll turn the pc on for this, and do nothing but this using it, then turn it off again.
    *i prepare the article - print it out
    *i prepare everything for the recovery workshop
    *i'll look up the numbers i have to call tomorrow today, and write them down

    So, i think that's it.
    See you the day after tomorrow.
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