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  1. FellatiousD

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    Go to if you want some helpful advice. It feels good to quit games for a bit. I made it about 50 days until around Christmas, but I quit again as of today. I'm just stopping until Death Stranding comes out on PC.
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    Good for you buddy, I'm hoping it can help you. Personally, its like I said in my post above yours, I'm very much undecided on it. On one hand I know I play too many videogames but at the same time I dont want to outright stop. My friend I dont see IRL is playing CoD Zombies with me today and thats the kind of thing I want to keep doing. On the other hand playing games so much by myself drives me mad, but I dont really have much else to occupy my time and thats why I do it. I suppose spending too much time playing games is better than spending that time relapsing, but both are kinda bad in their own ways.
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    My Journal
    Guys, I returned on the decision, I heard by my friends that play or just relax sometimes can be so good for health and for the brain (and it is really, just make a search on Google or other SE). Games help me a lot to relax because of study and tasks, I don't use social media so much, and I'll not stay for long on nothing from now on, I just need to use moderately all the things to have time for all the important things, incliding moderate the time here, on NoFap. Thank you for the support.

    I'm happy that you guys are worried and being better. :)
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    After a couple of people on here mentioned it I checked out the subreddit. Around the same time I started reading Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport and I had read all the books on the suggested list except Deep Work by the same author as DM so I was able to appreciate what they’re doing.

    I really like the SIMPLE practical advice from DM, I have some very short quotes linked to the other thread, check it out. One of the key points he makes is you want to figure out what to do OFFLINE. It’s a little harder when you have to schedule everything, and when you don’t have that much time with your work schedule and other things to take care of, but I am finding it more satisfying to not even surf this forum or that subreddit. Make your posts and reading other peoples posts count.

    We will never take in everything online so FOMO is insanity. We just have to choose and go with those limited set of choices until next time.
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    How have you managed to do NoSurf? Did you install any app on your phone?

    I feel like I should try it too, In fact, I already installed an app usage tracker, but it still isn't very helpful. Do you have any suggestions or advice?
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  6. Try OFFTIME. It's helpful. With the pro version (only 3 bucks) you can set up schedules.
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    Oof, I've been surfing NoFap forums and I legit have been wasting important time, procrastinating. Unironically logging out now. :);)
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    I do that too sometimes. This can be an interesting forum, although not as good as incels.
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