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  1. I find this annoying very often, and I know lots of other people do as well. I'm not trying to be whiney and complain or anything, but I just dont see the point in disabling the like function for those threads. I heard someone say once that it's to stop people from posting silly things to try to get lots of likes or something, but so what? Why does it matter if someone gets lots of likes from something silly? Maybe I'm just not understanding, but I don't get it.
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    It was determined that likes wanted to be primarily linked to those providing quality content. As sandbox posts are considered low quality, the are excluded from post and like counts.
  3. I guess I just dont see what the point of that is. I mean does anybody actually go to the list of people who have the most likes and assume that the people high on the list must be providing quality content? Why does it matter? If someone wants to give something a like, why does it matter if the thing they're liking is "quality content" or not?

    I'm not trying to be argumentative. I just dont really understand, or maybe I just dont agree.
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  4. Why do likes even matter to you?
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    Judging by the amount of people I know that spam likes, surely at that rate they'd probably put a cap on us. Lol @MuscularSherlockHolmes @What I Do That Defines Me @GokuTheWarrior @spaces @Beamer Myself and so many more would not be able to do what we do.

    I'll definitely bring it up with the Staff and find out why for ya XD

    Stay stong everyone XD
  6. Ah man this bummed me out. I had a post sent to the sandbox and I didn't realize it was for low quality...why isn't it call The Scrap Pile or something instead?
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    My "official football thread" got sent there. Top quality stuff if you ask me lol. But idk :D
  8. But why?
  9. Standards are high around here, but I get it. Plus if I'm in the company of folks like you, I'll wear the sandbox as a badge of honor. In fact maybe I should drop tons of sandbox post and make the mods pick out gems. Just kidding. I don't want to end up on a list.
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    It's just one of those things. I kind of feel like it supporting on other. Like "hey man I love your content (then again who doesn't like my content :p) here's some likes because your awesome like that" that's why I do it.

    But who knows others might do it as a favour to likes in return to feel wanted in society. It's like when people ask others to write on their status like "oh please write on my status. No one's writing ;, ( " that shit I don't get. Depends on the persons intentions imo.

    I just read my post and did think wtf...but I'm sleepy so >_< hehe
  11. Isn't there already a cap on how many likes you can give out per day? Which I also dont really see the point of, but that's another topic.
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    Not sure, don't think there is at least cos some days I do like quite a lot of posts. @sparkywantsnoPMO is there a cap?
  13. Yeah, I dont get that either, but at the same time it's like, who is it hurting? Just let people do what they want, unless its causing damage in some way.

    I had a thread about rating the last book you've read, after someone else had posted a thread about rating the last movie you've seen, and it got moved to the sandbox. Which I found strange, because the movie thread had been in the off topic section for months, but after I made my thread they both got moved... weird.

    But anyway, it's kind of annoying because its nice to like someone's comment maybe if you've read that book too or you agree with their rating, but you don't have anything else to say about it. It's annoying to have to quote someone every time just to say "I agree" when that could just be done with a like.
  14. I care about giving likes, not about getting them. It's a quick and easy way to let someone know you appreciated their comment, or you agree with it or whatever, without having to actually respond with a comment.

    But nice try at attempting to make me look shallow. Lol definitely not what this post is about at all.
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    "NoFap is a porn-recovery and sexual health website. True to its mission, posts in the Off-topic or Sandbox sections will not be eligible to raise a user profile’s advertised ‘post’ or ‘like’ count. This will allow for these counts to be a more accurate measure of how active a particular person is in their reboot, assisting others, and discussing topics within the field of sexual health."

    Just read the first thread in Sandbox and found this. Hope it was of some help.
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    P.s I don't think @IGY meant anything wrong by this.
    judging by how he asked me something similar.
    to which he said
    seems like genuine curiousity if you ask me.

    We're all here with the same mission. So let's just help each other out and destroy this horrible addiction. Stay strong :D!
  17. True enough lol

    Exactly, its where good threads go to die. ;)

    Thats pretty much why i do it too. Its just like a shout out and a token of appreciation

    I think there's only a cap in forums, not profile posts. You're only aloud 50 likes per forum in a 12 hour period

    EXACTLY...sometimes you just want to like a comment to show you've seen it and acknowledge it.
  18. Yeah, except off topic does count for likes and posts, just not sandbox.
  19. Actually this just confuses me even more, because you can still "like" posts in the off topic section. So... why not in the sandbox?

    Nah, he definitely meant something by it. Lol he can't stand me and says stuff like this to me all the time. But it's fine, I'm not worried about it. I'm not here to cause drama, I'm just asking a simple question.
  20. Nice try at attempting to make me look bad.

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